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with Oracle Cloud

Innovation has always been hard work. Then, digital technologies began to disrupt innovation - both in the way innovation happens and the innovations that are brought to market. At the core your challenge is still the same: to develop products that improve humans' lives and deliver business results. Yet with digital, you now have a new and growing set of capabilities to discover, create, make and sell better products.

Oracle offers an unparalleled suite of cloud digital technologies that can power your business end-to-end. As strategic partners, Kalypso and Oracle work together to help companies drive faster realization of business objectives, benefits and return on technology investments.

Join us at the Modern Business Experience (MBX) and Modern Customer Experience (MCX) events, March 19-21 to experience how we can help you advance your business with Oracle-based solutions.

MBX Booth PLM-01

Enable Digital Transformation from Discover to Make with Oracle Cloud

Whether your goal is a complete product value chain transformation or incremental improvements over time we’ve got you covered. Kalypso can help you build your digital transformation strategy and capitalize on investments in Oracle Cloud. Below are some common areas that you should consider as part of your digital journey. To discuss your specific goals and how you can leverage Oracle Cloud to achieve them, stop by MBX booth PLM-01 to speak with one of our team members.

Smart Connected Discover to Make

The ability to deliver novel, quality, compliant products quickly to market is critical for innovation success. It is hard work. It requires market insights to conceive innovative offerings, ability to turn ideas into manufacturable products and deliver them to market before the competition. Effective collaboration and information availability are critical success factors. PLM has provided significant efficiency and productivity benefits helping manufacturers shorten design cycles, but it has had limited impact on delivering more innovation or improving the design to manufacturing integration. Companies miss innovation revenue targets as a result of launching me-too products or products that fail to meet core requirements. Products continue to be designed with little input from manufacturing and operations often resulting in production issues that affect ramp-up and projected yields.

Emerging technologies like IoT, adaptive intelligence and cloud provide an opportunity to change that. They offer a new mechanism to unlock continuous connectivity and insights flow between market, engineering, and manufacturing that can drive further innovation and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Experience how you can streamline the discover to make process enabling a continuous flow of insights between market, engineering and manufacturing to help uncover new product needs, solve and prevent manufacturing issues with Oracle Cloud and Kalypso.

Enable End-to-End Integrated Innovation with Oracle PLM Cloud

Companies with structured, end-to-end processes and solutions from ideation to commercialization typically see better results from innovation. In the past enabling this integrated innovation process often involved complex and costly integrations of multiple point solutions. Today, Oracle PLM Cloud removes the complexity of multiple solutions with a single integrated platform for innovation, product development and commercialization – and with embedded analytics.

Experience what this looks like for your company by seeing a demonstration of our industry-specific solutions built for consumer goods, food and beverage, life sciences, and health supplements.

Learn More Now about migrating from your on-premises PLM to Oracle PLM Cloud or a hybrid end-to-end innovation solution.

Build a Digital Product Master with Oracle Product Hub (PH) Cloud

Businesses today are increasingly challenged by product data growth and complexity. The progressive use of digital authoring tools along with channel demands for comprehensive product information are leading to proliferation of data silos. The scattered and inconsistent data impedes a business’s ability to meet market pressures for launching more diversified products into more channels faster. Initiatives for business growth via mergers and acquisitions, and operations optimization through system modernization further complicate the state of current enterprise product data.

To provide a 360-degree view of a product expected in today’s digital age, while maintaining data integrity, businesses need to evolve their product master data management practices.

Improve Product Development Results with Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence

Companies with PLM collect large quantities of diverse, structured data as they develop products. But PLM alone can’t provide true insight from this data. Kalypso has developed a suite of extensions to Oracle PLM using Oracle Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to provide advanced analytics capabilities in a PLM environment.

Experience how companies are using machine learning with PLM data to predict an outcome and improve product development results by understanding the causes behind non-compliances, problem reports, product failures and quality issues.

Get Started with On-Premises PLM to Cloud Migration

Are you considering an Agile PLM or PLM for Process upgrade to stay on the most current software release and take advantage of the latest features? Don’t go through the effort of an upgrade only to get incremental benefits. Evolve your PLM solution to Oracle PLM Cloud – a comprehensive application suite that can revolutionize end-to-end innovation process enablement. For current on-premises PLM users, Kalypso can help plan and accelerate your migration. Our proprietary tools can demonstrate return on investment from a migration to Cloud; evaluate and prepare existing configurations to be ported; and automate solution migration. Stop by MBX booth PLM-01 to learn how.

If you’re not ready for a complete migration to Cloud, our flexible hybrid models are built to maximize your original PLM investment now with select PLM Cloud components while preparing you for faster migration to Cloud in the future. Join session CON1345 to learn how a life sciences company, ICU Medical, implemented an end-to-end hybrid product development solution with Oracle solutions.

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Excel at Data-Driven Customer Experience with Oracle Cloud

Businesses today own large volumes of customer data and the amount continues to grow exponentially. This data holds incredible potential to deliver customer interaction and engagement insights that can drive business growth. It also poses significant risks if not managed effectively. Some organizations are finding the hard way that mismanagement of customer data assets can be detrimental to their brand image and market value.

"Through 2020, CRM leaders who avoid Master Data Management (MDM) will continue to derive erroneous results that damage the customer experience, resulting in a 25% reduction in potential revenue gains."

Gartner 2018

To avoid mistakes and get the most value, you need to get better at the basics – finding, managing, trusting and consuming data from a variety of channels (web, social, mobile, etc.) and applications that store data both on-premises and in the cloud.

We can help you streamline the customer data management process, ensure data accuracy and derive insights from your data with Oracle Engagement Cloud.

Stop by MCX booth CRP-03 to experience the power of modern customer data management enabled by Oracle Cloud. You will have the opportunity to discuss real world success stories, implementation and integration options with our team.

On-Premises to Cloud Migration

Are you already using Oracle customer data management solution on-premises? We can help you migrate to the modern solution in the Cloud. It’s time to evolve and take advantage of additional benefits such as improved integrations with connectors, enhanced user experience, workflow and audit capabilities.

Not sure where to start?

Take the Data Fitness Challenge – 3 easy steps and a chance to win a FitBit.

Step 1: Complete the Data Fitness Challenge primer now.

Step 2: Stop by the Kalypso booth at MCX to learn more about the full Data Fitness Challenge and enter the FitBit drawing.

Step 3: Find out how “fit” your data is by taking our full Data Fitness Challenge assessment.

Our Data Fitness Challenge assessment can help you:

  • Evaluate your current capabilities and data state
  • Understand how you stack up against the competition and leading practices
  • Align your data management strategy to your company’s business objectives
  • Develop a roadmap to rapidly operationalize your data strategy

MBX Booth PLM-01

PaaS Solutions

Kalypso develops applications on Oracle PaaS, extending the capabilities of Oracle software to unlock new business value, enable tailored experiences and drive competitive advantage. Stop by MBX booth PLM-01 to see demos of these solutions:

Compliance Hub powered by Oracle PaaS and PLM Cloud

A pre-packaged leading-practice platform that brings together the key dimensions of product compliance in one place: product information, supplier information, markets and sourcing locations for products and materials, local regulations.

Formulation and Compliance (F&C) Workbench powered by Oracle PaaS and PLM Cloud

A pre-packaged leading-practice platform for formula and recipe development that facilitates effective compliance screening that integrates with Oracle PLM Cloud and manufacturing solutions. Preview: F&C for Food and Beverage; F&C for Health and Wellness

Enhanced Traceability and Comparison

A configurable tool that connects IM to Agile PLM or Product Development to provide a multi-column traceability comparison report.

Project Management Gantt

Displays critical path in a graphical view.

Product Information Management Accelerator (PIMa) powered by Oracle PaaS and Oracle EDQ

A tool that integrates with MDM hubs or ERP applications to improve the availability and accuracy of product data information. Preview: PIMa


Seamless, secure and supported integration solution for enabling hybrid environments.

Workshops & Sessions

Workshop: Enabling Smart Connected Discover to Make with PLM and Emerging Technologies

Join Oracle and Kalypso to get a head start on PLM and emerging technologies learning. PLM keynote session Connecting the Dots from Idea to Market with Oracle Cloud on March 19 will focus on the strategic importance of driving digital transformation in the product value chain and the role of PLM and emerging technologies in that process. This workshop will focus on the practical steps you need to take to deploy IoT, adaptive intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain with your legacy operations infrastructure (production lines, manufacturing equipment, etc.) and associated solutions (MES, ERP, LIMS, PLM, etc.) to drive continuous design improvements and operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Kalypso thought leaders and some of our clients will be featured in MBX sessions.
Mark your calendars to attend.

Connecting the Dots from Idea to Market with Oracle Cloud

This session is part of the PLM track keynote. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear from John Kelly, VP PLM Products, SCM Product Strategy at Oracle; Sachin Misra, Partner at Kalypso; and Renee Dukeshire, IT Business Consultant at Eli Lilly on why and how you can integrate emerging technologies within your product development and manufacturing solutions landscape to unlock continuous connectivity and insights flow between market, engineering, and manufacturing.

  • South Pacific B - North Convention Center
  • Tuesday, March 19 3:00pm–4:30pm
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ICU Medical Accelerates M&A and Sets Future Infrastructure with Oracle Cloud

Attend this session with Gaurav Patel, Director of Quality at ICU Medical and Pamela Soin, Director at Kalypso as they provide an overview of how ICU Medical is transforming their innovation, product development, quality and commercialization processes with a hybrid solution of Innovation Management Cloud, Agile 9, Product Hub Cloud and integrating to other enterprise systems (ERP, HCM, GTM, etc.) via Oracle Integration Cloud services. Learn why ICU Medical chose Oracle Cloud to facilitate M&A business integration and enable the combined business for future growth, and the results they’ve achieved so far.

  • South Pacific B - North Convention Center
  • Wednesday, March 20 4:15pm–5:05pm
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Kalypso Thought Leaders in Attendance

Alexander Tang 2018
Senior Manager
Biju Jatheendran 2018
Senior Specialist
Brian Taylor
Sr. Manager
Chad Markle 2018
Global Director, Industrial & High Tech
Daniela Ilieva 2015
Director of Marketing
George Young 2015
Global Managing Director
Mike Mood 2014
Sachin Misra 2014
Thomas Mitchell 2013
Global Director-IHT

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