Voice of Customer Analytics and 3D Product Creation

How to Maximize Your Investments by Leveraging Them Together

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Revolutionize your business with Voice of Customer Analytics (VoC) and 3D Product Creation (DPC). The complementary capabilities of VoC and DPC will empower you to overcome industry challenges such as rising production costs, sustainability expectations, and diversifying production.

It is important to think holistically about your digital transformation journey. Without a clear vision, strategy, business case and roadmap, VoC and DPC are often disconnected. When used together, there are opportunities to succeed in concept, design, assortment planning and marketing.

This eBook includes:

  • The importance and evolution of Digital Transformation with VoC and DPC
  • Leading practices to leverage both VoC and DPC throughout the product creation process
  • How to improve dataflow and streamline integrations to help increase ROI and save time and money
  • Success stories from the industry
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Steve Riordan, Principal at Kalypso, sat down with Greg Petro, CEO of First Insight, to discuss the tools needed to overcome industry challenges with agility.

Will Yester, director at Kalypso and Charlie Holmes, Global VP at First Insight, sat down to discuss opportunities created by integrating VoC and DPC, such as creating a more seamless testing process and improving the understanding of customer preferences to become more agile.