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Companies are increasingly using digital technologies to drive better customer engagement, more tailored experiences and ultimately greater business value. Some are finding out the hard way that mismanagement of customer data assets can be detrimental to their brand image and market value.

"Through 2020, CRM leaders who avoid Master Data Management (MDM) will continue to derive erroneous results that damage the customer experience, resulting in a 25% reduction in potential revenue gains." Gartner 2018

How do you create a customer-centric organization while keeping the risk low but optimizing the value creation opportunities?

Watch this 30 minute recorded discussion t to hear Oracle Customer Data Management success stories and how our clients are:

  • Providing 360-degree view of customers and prospects for trusted customer insights
  • Improving customer experience by up to 15% as a result of order fulfillment, invoicing, and entitlement error reduction
  • Growing revenue on average by 8% as a result of cross-/upselling across different lines of business or divisions
  • Generating value from merger and acquisition integrations by reducing risk and accelerating time to market up to 32%


Tamer Chavusholu

EIM Practice Lead

Peter Johnson

CDM Product Specialist

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