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Nestor Estrada

Technical Consultant

Nestor is a technical consultant with more than seven years of experience on backend development, database management and system architecture. He also had more than two years of ThingWorx experience.

Prior to Kalypso, Nestor worked in the design and develop of a linked data platform. During this time as a java backend developer, Nestor learned technologies such as Spring Framework, RDF and SPARQL.

Nestor has a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering. He brings a a unique perspective to the Team thanks to his bachelors that allows him to understand better what does out clinical based clients need.

Nestor was born and raised in Chihuahua. In his spared time he Enjoys learning German, dancing and boxing.

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  • Java 8 Certificate
  • ThingWorx Certificate


  • Two years on Java Backend Development and RESTful Services
  • Three years on ThingWorx Development

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