Join the Discussion | Internet of Medical Things Leadership Exchange

Kalypso has formed an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Leadership Exchange for a series of virtual roundtables.

These roundtables offer peers a chance to benchmark, discuss challenges, and share solutions related to the overarching theme of generating value from connected devices.

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Who participates?

To ensure peer-level conversations and an interactive dialogue, participation is limited to 1-2 IoMT decision-makers at each participating company. Stakeholders from a number of the world's leading device manufacturers are participating.

What's the format and time commitment?

The exchange format respects and optimizes your time. We convene virtually for one hour, once every few months. Exchanges are a time-efficient and ongoing opportunity to engage with peers.

What do members discuss?

Members decide. Participating members determine agendas, and the community follows the Chatham House Rule during our conversations to ensure confidentiality. Example topics include:

  • Monetizing connected devices and developing new business models
  • Navigating customer and regulatory hurdles to enable digital priorities
  • Building a strategic roadmap and vision for digital transformation
  • Service value creation - monetizing service and building a profit center
  • Workforce transformation – building digital talent and retaining expert knowledge
  • A shift to value-based healthcare and pay-per-use models
  • Generating value from predictive maintenance
  • Aligning priorities and breaking down silos between functional teams

How are agendas created?

Kalypso has hired Profitable Ideas Exchange (PIE) as a third-party moderator to ensure unbiased content and facilitation. Members opt-in for brief interviews before exchanges and provide agenda input.

Is there a cost?

No. Kalypso underwrites the community to invest in the market and learn in real-time.

When is the next Exchange?

The date and time are determined through schedule coordination with members. Busy schedule? No problem. Participate as time allows.

Interested in joining our IoMT Leadership Exchange?

Please complete this form and someone from Kalypso will follow up with you.