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We help companies to deliver a single, global shared connected digital platform to unlock new value with product and operations.

As the Axeda platform approaches its end of life, now is the time to begin a conversion to ThingWorx, AWS, Azure or other IoT platforms. However, it can be difficult to plan and execute the conversion process.

For successful conversions, a unique blend of skillsets is required.

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How We Help

As recognized leaders in IoT, Kalypso’s unique blend of seasoned Axeda and ThingWorx expertise is key for a successful conversion. We have a track record of delivering accelerated solutions to some the largest, most complex companies in the world – reducing time to value.

Composed of a unique blend of industry practitioners, strategists, engineers and technologists, we support end-to-end Axeda transitions.

  1. Strategy and Roadmap: Evaluate current state by performing a data and strategy assessment. Formulate detailed phase plan, including functional and technical scope, key deliverables and activities, budget, assumptions and success criteria.
  2. Technology Implementation: Leverage strategy and roadmap results to design and develop a stable solution with an agile/scrum methodology. Identify unit and integration testing activities.
  3. Testing and Validation: Validate quality, performance, scalability, internal/external compliance, and safety/security of market-facing products.
  4. Deployment and Hypercare: Deploy the market-ready system into production environments, drive internal and external awareness, monitor and optimize production system until optimal configuration is reached.
  5. Organizational change: Align organization through change management practices and establish sustaining & improvement plans.

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