Product Lifecycle Intelligence

Turn PLM Data into Insights That improve results

PLI is an evolution of PLM focused on mining insights from product development data that has accumulated within PLM environments and other integrated business systems.

Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, PLI helps organizations identify patterns, form predictions and prescribe improvements to product development metrics like cycle time, change frequency, rejection rate, quality, performance and manufacturability. 

PLI derives actionable insights from enterprise system data to address core business needs, helping our clients gain understanding, reliably plan and forecast, and continuously improve results.

We offer pre-configured PLI apps to add rapid value, custom app development, and Design for Insights services to clean and prep your data for analytics.

PLI helps innovators:

  • Explore current and historical product development performance
  • Explain these performance trends and diagnose root causes
  • Predict future performance based on these observations
  • Prescribe evidence-based recommendations to improve future outcome

Pre-Configured PLI Applications

These pre-configured PLI apps add rapid value, with fixed-price services that include implementation, support for custom data models, development of custom reports and mashups, and model evaluation.


PLM data is available, plentiful and structured, making PLM a logical starting point for many companies, with clear benefits in R&D and new product development. Pre-configured apps include:

  • PLM System Adoption

  • Data Quality

  • Cycle Time

  • Change Frequency

  • Design Re-use and Duplication

PLI + Enterprise Systems

For companies with structured data in other enterprise systems, PLI can provide value to additional teams, including manufacturing, supply chain and service. Pre-configured apps include:

  • Product Performance with IoT

  • Product Quality

  • Manufacturing Performance

  • Cost

  • Customer Experience

Need a Custom PLI App?

Implementing PLI to address your unique specific business challenges is quick and easy. Our accelerated approach includes:

  1. Discovery Workshop

    Complimentary one day workshop to review needs, explore use cases, and identify specific opportunities to prove value

  2. Proof of Value

    Two week project to rapidly demonstrate insights from your data, and create a roadmap for business value including ROI and scaling approach

  3. Minimum Viable Solution

    Eight to ten week engagement to build out the proof of value into a functional solution, including a use case definition, data preparation, model development and user training



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