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Energy Optimization: Three Use Cases on Accelerating Sustainability with the Digital Thread

Sustainability: On-Demand Coffee-Chat

Listen to our on-demand coffee chat.

Chad Markle and Mithun Nagabhairava will highlight three use cases where Smart Connected Operations deliver energy optimization and sustainability outcomes using the digital thread. These use cases highlight energy, but technology and capabilities can be used to provide sustainability outcomes for the full scope of WAGES, water, air, gas, energy and steam.

In this coffee chat, you will learn:

  • The opportunity of connected energy operations and smart facilities
  • The capabilities and benefits of three use cases:
    • Smart Facilities Optimization Leveraging IIoT Platform
    • Connected Energy Operation Leveraging IIoT Platform
    • Renewable Energy Integration & Optimization

About the Speakers

Chad Markle

Global Leader of Kalypso’s Energy and Sustainability Practice

Over 15 years experience with energy management, energy sustainability and demand response from both investor-led utilities and end-user customers.

Mithun Nagabhairava

SME Energy Optimization

Over 15 years of experience delivering Energy Management solutions to industrial manufacturers.