Reduce costs and execute sustainability objectives with energy monitoring and management

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We help manufacturers implement energy management solutions at scale to reduce cost, maximize energy efficiency and reach sustainability goals.

Due to increased consumer demands and evolving regulatory landscapes, manufacturers are facing pressure to prioritize eco-friendly products and processes.

With billions spent each year on energy, the desire to increase efficiency and lower costs is clear. We help manufacturers navigate these challenges with comprehensive energy management solutions.

We partner with clients to understand individual cost drivers, consumption profiles, and operation requirements. With a configured energy monitoring and management system, manufacturers lower energy costs, increase efficiency, and reach their sustainability goals faster.

Real Results

  • 10% to 30% reduction in Energy Consumption
  • 50% reduction in peak demand charges, leading to a 15% net savings
  • $2 to $20 MW/H savings through competitive bidding
  • 3% to 30% reduction in greenhouse gasses
  • 15% to 40% savings of primary energy need through plant energy cogeneration

Keys to Successful Sustainability and Energy Management

Business Insights

Understand the benefits of use cases for energy management to prioritize the highest ROI opportunities.

Streamlined Technology

Choose user-centered, configurable technology proven at one facility then scaled across the enterprise.

Financial Incentives

Prioritize initial investment in energy management technology to create production efficiencies that result in energy cost savings.

Regulatory Compliance

Energy management regulations are rapidly evolving and differ across regions. Get ahead of changing regulations with customized energy monitoring and management.

How We Help Companies Monitor Energy Use and Reduce Energy Costs

Advanced Analytics

Through industrial IoT platforms and advanced analytics, clients get real-time visibility, monitoring and analysis of energy as it pertains to water, air, gas, electricity and steam to unlock double-digit improvements.

Energy Management Accelerators

Institutional knowledge of manufacturing and facilities allows us to develop and deploy digital solutions quickly and efficiently to increase ROI for our clients.

Smart Connected Operations

With a deep knowledge of the entire OT/IT technology stack, we help clients enable IoT platforms, AR, machine learning, and AI with ease to increase energy efficiency and create lasting performance improvements.

Value at Scale

.As with any digital transformation program, management and organizational change management serve as critical foundations. Using proven capabilities for transformation at scale, we help clients from MVP-to-scale across the enterprise.

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