Know where your materials and components are in the supply chain

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We help companies be more responsive and better prepared in the face of supply chain disruptions.

Supply chain disruptions are impacting every industry and they aren’t going away. For consumer goods companies, accurate tracking of materials and components is critical to mounting a more agile and informed response.

It is essential to be prepared and more responsive - to track better, predict better, schedule better across the value chain.

Track when inventory leaves the shelves and trace the supply from warehouse to retailer, with a robust just-in-time system. Identify gaps and weaknesses in areas like delivery and logistics from vendors to suppliers to retailers, and enable inventory transparency and smart stocking.

A well-executed IoT strategy is the foundation that captures the value from customer and demographics data and buying patterns, converting that data to insights for better informed manufacturing and shipping decisions, per geography and on the level of the individual.


  • Boost customer loyalty by enabling a more customer-centric and operationally efficient strategy
  • Improve time to market by adapting much faster to changing consumer trends across the entire supply chain
  • Ensure products are in stock with upstream / downstream logistics collaboration
  • Achieve shorter delivery times and narrower delivery windows
  • Meet sustainability and energy optimization goals
  • Democratize information to enable the right decisions and best actions at the right time

Unlock the Value of IoT for Your Business

We take a holistic approach from product inception to production to the end customer. Our partnership with Rockwell Automation means we bring over 100+ years of practical manufacturing experience to every project.

Improve Time to Market

With a more resilient and robust just-in-time system

Speed Time to Production

By getting lines up faster, with quicker changeovers and flexible manufacturing

Meet Sustainability and Energy Optimization Goals

By improving energy and water usage while producing more, better quality product

How We Help Companies Harness IoT

We reduce process variability by modeling your operations and deriving predictions to allow for closed-loop control of your current process systems.

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Track & Trace

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