Achieve Benefits Faster with PLM Vivo for Medical Device

What if you could achieve faster time to value from your PLM investment?

What if you could do it with a low-risk, low-cost solution?

You can with PLM Vivo for Medical Device.

PLM Vivo is a pre-configured PLM solution designed for rapid implementation, enabling medical device companies companies to reduce the time, effort and investment to deploy PLM.

PLM Vivo for Medical Device is built on Oracle Agile PLM. Kalypso’s rapid ROI implementation, modeled in conjunction with our pre-populated Oracle Agile PLM solution, helps clients:

  • Reduce setup time
  • Provide a "production ready" validated software system
  • Enable a more structured design control process
  • Utilize leading engineering design workflow practices to manage and control approval process  
  • Enable electronic signature and security controls
  • Manage design requirements traceability
  • Leverage effective change control practices

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