Be a part of the Kalypso Difference

Kalypso is looking for the absolute best to join our world-class team. We want balanced individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide the sustainable results our clients expect. At the same time, we are looking for real, multi-dimensional people - characters with character - who complement their expertise and intelligence with personality and integrity.


Our job postings listed to the right detail some of the skills and experience that we value, but are by no means comprehensive. Our innovation-centric business model offers consultants the opportunity to work on a broad range of client challenges across the project lifecycle.


At the heart of the Kalypso culture is a belief in the power of innovation - both in the way we deliver services and in the products that we help clients to develop. The Kalypso culture places a premium on creativity that generates a diversity of thought and ideas. We demand continuous learning and development - both personal and professional - from every member of the organization.

At Kalypso, we think that a stimulating environment, with diverse opportunities to explore and a constant exposure to clients' challenges, is the best foundation to create tomorrow's leaders.

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Our Blog, The Kalypsonian

Radical ideas on virtual workplaces and a culture of candor.

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New Hire Training

Like many things we do at Kalypso, our new hire training is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill program. KRASH is our three-day training for new Kalypsonians that introduces the firm's culture and values as well as fundamental consulting skills that are crucial to building a long-term career at Kalypso.

KRASH focuses on giving new hires an interactive experience that mixes the story of our firm, knowledge about our business, and key consulting practices and tips with fun outings and activities that build camaraderie.

Additionally, we introduce new Kalypsonians to the platform from which to manage their careers. 

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