Viewpoints By Leo Moran

Article: Dispelling the Myth of Sustainability vs. Profit

Today, climate risk IS investment risk. Companies are now accountable to a broad group of stakeholders as they seek ways to reduce environmental, social and governance risks. Here's how sustainability and profit come together to drive value for stakeholders around the world.

Article: Digital Thread in Life Sciences: The Future of Product Innovation

What do the digital thread and digital twin look like for medical device companies? Here's a look at a practical example and a prescription for success. Getting started may be different than you think!

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Johnson & Johnson Tackles Sustainable Plastic Use

Johnson & Johnson signed and continues to follow through on the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. This includes eliminating all problematic & unnecessary plastic, innovating to ensure that the plastics are reusable, recyclable or compostable and circulating all the plastic items within their product lines to promote the circular economy.