Viewpoints By Stephen Birtsas

Article: Re-imagining Warehousing Innovation & Resilience

Explore strategic warehousing solutions: from inventory accuracy to cybersecurity, optimize operations for efficiency & resilience.

Article: Manufacturing Digital Twin in CPG

Discover the benefits of digital twin in consumer-packaged goods within our video series. Explore digital twin use cases for insights.

Article: Building Consumer Trust During a Crisis: Top Use Cases and Digital Tools

As the world moves to a new normal, consumers will demand more transparency into product safety and authenticity. Here are 3 top use cases for building customer trust – traceability, transparency, and authentication – and the tech behind each.

Article: CPG’s New Normal: Three Focus Areas for Smart Connected Operations

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers and brands face a new normal as the world slowly starts to re-open. Here's how smart connected operations (SCO) can minimize disruptions.