Viewpoints By Nick Ward

Article: Factory of the Future

A day in the life of 2024: our vision of the factory of the future, including the people and processes that will be impacted.

Article: The Autonomous Enterprise: Principles of Autonomous Systems

Let’s start with the word “autonomous”, which means “self-governing”. Autonomous manufacturing is the manifestation of “self-governing” systems at every step of the manufacturing process.

Article: The Autonomous Enterprise: Thought Experiment

To understand the basic principles of autonomous systems, consider a scenario in which a human driver approaches a stop sign.

Article: The Autonomous Enterprise: Introduction

To address social, political, and economic challenges, manufacturers are accelerating digital transformation efforts and prioritizing the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve their complex production challenges.

Article: Digital Knowledge Management: A Key Step on Pharma’s Journey to the Connected Enterprise

In March 2020, the Pharmaceuticals industry faced one of its most public-facing and time-pressing challenges to date: develop, manufacture, and distribute a vaccine for COVID-19 globally as quickly and safely as possible. While sheer human perseverance played a pivotal role in driving the notable speed to market for the vaccine, this approach is not sustainable nor practical for commercial drug products. Digital methods and tools should be leveraged to achieve similar results in a sustainable, efficient, and profitable way. Pharmaceutical manufacturers now face the need to confront these challenges head-on and embrace connectivity across the value chain, starting with laying the digital foundation for innovation in the form of Digital Knowledge Management and Pharma 4.0.

Article: The Auto Industry’s NEW Business as Usual: Tactics to Reduce Risk and Prepare for the Future

While the recent economic shutdown likely caught many auto industry manufacturers off guard, it’s time to prepare for what is next. Here are some ways to minimize near-term risk and some tips for how to prepare now for a post-crisis world.

Article: Factory of the Future: Another Day in the Life in 2022

Smart factories, enabled by digital technologies and concepts, may not be as futuristic as you think. Need inspiration to get started? Here's our UPDATED vision of the factory of the future, and the people and processes that will be impacted.

Article: Product Lifecycle Intelligence: Turn PLM Data into Insights with Machine Learning

Discrete manufacturers and R&D professionals have long viewed product lifecycle management (PLM) as a means to enhance manufacturing and design process management, data integrity and digital mockup. While these capabilities serve as a baseline to address operational challenges, current out-of-the-box solutions lack the maturity to maximize the value of product data and quickly tie it to business decisions.

Article: The Factory of the Future: A Day in the Life of a Plant Manager in 2020

Smart factories, enabled by augmented reality, predictive analytics, and the digital twin, may not be as futuristic as you think. Need inspiration to get started? Here's our vision of the factory of the future, and the people and processes that will be impacted.