Viewpoints By Dave Hadfield

Article: How to Use AI to Augment Field Service Operations in Life Sciences

As companies adjust to the reality of increased remote engagements, they can accelerate the trend towards connected field operations. Here is how we see AI impacting day-to-day operations, both through and after the recovery.

Article: Digital Thread in Life Sciences: The Future of Product Innovation

What do the digital thread and digital twin look like for medical device companies? Here's a look at a practical example and a prescription for success. Getting started may be different than you think!

Article: Seven Leading Practices for Risk Management in Medical Device

Effectively managing risk in the medical device industry can be complex, but it’s increasingly important. Doing it well is often a key strategic differentiator, so we’ve outlined seven things that we’ve seen industry leaders do that set them apart.

Article: New Frontiers for Medical Device PLM Systems: Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

Medical devices are essential to our modern society. But the companies who make them face strict regulatory, quality and safety standards. To succeed, they must constantly innovate, drive down costs and navigate complex regulatory pathways.