Digital Product Creation

Create, make and sell products in a virtual, collaborative environment

Digital product creation (DPC) represents a paradigm shift in the apparel and footwear value chain. With a holistic approach to DPC, companies can create, make and sell products in a virtual, collaborative environment.

DPC will transform the industry, improving products and customer experiences while speeding time-to-market and enabling critical shifts in business models to gain market share. Significant benefits include reduced costs, increased margins, improved sustainability and a happier workforce.

We help companies create an end-to-end vision and connected ecosystem to digitally create, manufacture and sell products using efficient and interconnected pipeline of digital assets.

Our Holistic Approach to DPC

While many companies have started their digital product creation journey with 3D design tools, the leaders acknowledge value across the product development lifecycle and the need to invest in other capabilities and technologies to build a true digitally-enabled end-to-end process.

The challenges are significant, and include connecting 3D design assets and data to manufacturing and sales, integrating with PLM, and building team capabilities to support the needs of the future.

Numerous product leaders have initiated proof of concepts (POCs) only to run into significant obstacles, including the ability to justify further necessary investment, properly redesign processes, integrate technologies and manage the change.

How We Help

In our experience, organizations go through five iterative stages as they implement DPC, including undertsanding & curation, vision & value proposition, prototyping & trial, justification & roadmap, and adoption & scaling.

Our services are designed to help clients throughout this journey.

Assessment & Education

Assessments, workshops and training, including Foresight capabilities to develop a proprietary view of the future of product creation.

Strategy & Roadmap

Strategy, scope, business case and strategic roadmap.

Operations & Organization

Process redesign, program management, stakeholder alignment, organization readiness and redesign, process and solution training, communications and change management.

Technology & Data

Technology strategy, proof of concepts, requirements definition, vendor selection, platform architecture, integrations to PLM and voice of customer platforms, data governance, digital asset management.


3D Design Tools

Rendering & Visualization

Fit, Body Scanning, Avatars

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Generative Design

Additive Manufacturing

Robotic Process Automation

Technology & Ecosystem Expertise