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AI in 2022: Here are More AI and Tech Predictions from IT Experts

“Autonomous systems understand business processes as they exist within the organization and make decisions based on its understanding of the real-time situations and environments,” said Geroge Young. “Organizations that do not tackle high-priority business problems with autonomous automation now will see their competitors leave them in their wake.”

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FMC's Global Modernization Effort Shows the Power of Digital Twins for Digital Transformation

Jon Nelson, Director of the Medical Device Practice at Kalypso talks about the power of digital twins for digital transformation

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Preparing for the post-pandemic economy with AI

To understand how artificial intelligence is helping employees to transition and adapt within the changing world of work, Digital Journal heard from Jordan Reynolds, Global Director of Data Science, Kalypso.

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5 Ways Non-Tech Companies Use AI to Adjust to a Post-Pandemic World

We’ve merely scratched the surface of the practical applications of these intelligent technologies in broader industries. Below are five concrete functions of AI and ML being used right now to help businesses and their employees regain momentum and stability on the other end of the crisis.

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Change management: How to build resilience into your processes

“The past year and a half have shown us the importance of robust, nimble and resilient processes and IT systems that can both withstand sudden change and adapt to many concurrent modes of operation,” says Chelsea Barnes, a leader in Kalypso’s organizational change management and digital practices.

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Venture Beat

12 factors heating up the popularity of digital twins and simulations

Kalypso director of data science Jordan Reynolds told VentureBeat, “Major advancements in autonomous system performance are attributable to model predictive control (MPC), a digital twin methodology that simulates how a complex system will respond to operational inputs and changes in its environment.”

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The Path from PID to Autonomy

At Rockwell Automation Fair 2021, Jordan Reynolds, global director of data science at Kalypso (a Rockwell Automation company), gave a presentation on autonomous systems that helped explain how these advanced neural systems, as they’re applied in industry, can be seen as extensions of the PID (proportional-integral-derivative) closed loop control systems with which we’re all familiar.

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Downtime is the Right Time for Digitalization

On the labor side, George Young, global managing director at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, is seeing investment in knowledge capture from subject-matter experts and system modeling. “We can build advanced models and use it to demonstrate how the plant will run before it breaks ground,” he said. “For labor, there’s a need for a different kind of operator and fewer lower-skilled laborers for autonomous operation. But you need more highly skilled labor. Sometimes you can turn those old operators into the new ones you need.”

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