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Panel: Digital Twin... a Set of Capabilities, Not a Buzzword

Kalypsonians, Stephen Birtsas and Leo Moran join Tech-Clarity's, Jim Brown to have a conversation on the manufacturing digital twin in the CPG industry.

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Artificial intelligence is just getting started revolutionizing manufacturing

With manufacturing so ahead of the rest of the world in AI awareness and experience, it would be easy to ignore the latest wave of news as hype, but Mithun Nagabhairava, senior manager of Rockwell Automation’s Kalypso business, says AI isn’t close to being done with revolutionizing manufacturing. The gains to date are just a start.

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Pharma facility commissioning in a virtual world

Whether a pharma manufacturer is upscaling an existing facility or planning to construct an entirely new greenfield plant, virtual commissioning using digital twins demonstrably helps realize numerous benefits. Sachin Misra discusses how digital twins can reduce commissioning time by 40%

Delivering Holistic Digital Transformation for The Life Science Industry

Kalypso is recognized as one of the Top Pharma Analytics Solutions Providers by Pharma Tech Outlook. “Our key focus is on improving analytical competencies to make the shift from automation to autonomy,” says Sachin Misra, Principal at Kalypso.

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Three Ways Build Resiliency Through Organizational Change Management

Kalypsonian Stefanie Gunia discusses why organizational change management is crucial for achieving digital agility and resilience in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

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Tire Tech International Talks to Jordan Reynolds

Kalypsonian Jordan Reynolds discusses how AI and autonomous systems capabilities will change the industrial automation landscape

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Navigate Sustainability Measurement Challenges with the Digital Thread

Kalypsonian Tommy Mitchell discusses how companies can comply with regulations and attract investments, as well as improve their brand reputation, reduce operational costs and contribute to a more sustainable future

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Rockwell envisages AI tire factory of the future

In an interview with ERJ, Jordan Reynolds of Rockwell/ Kalypso presented a four-point vision for an AI-enabled tire factory of the future

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Leveraging The Digital Thread For Better Human and Sustainability Outcomes

Kalypso’s Chad Markle talks about solving big problems for better human outcomes at LiveWorx 2023

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The digital thread ties data into an interconnected lifecycle model

Uwe Kueppers, manager at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, stresses the importance of dismantling the automation pyramid.

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Robot management uses digital twin, gaming and IoT technology

For a decade now, TotalEnergies has been investing in robots and remote operation in particular with autonomous surveillance and inspection robots certified to the ATEX explosive atmospheres standard. “Because of the remote and often harsh environments in which oil and gas companies operate offshore, there is a strategic objective to minimize employee exposure on these platforms,” said Kalypsonian Matt Graves

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The Impact of AI on the Workplace: Evidence from OECD Case Studies of AI Implementation

Jordan Reynolds participated in this study on how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact workplaces is a central question for the future of work, with potentially significant implications for jobs, productivity, and worker well-being.

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Predict the Future by Learning from the Past

Achieving positive and enduring change can only be done with a thoughtful approach. Without the right technologies or mindset in place, CPG leaders are missing out on the most valuable insights across their enterprise and therefore missing out on areas for growth - Kalypsonian Jordan Reynolds

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The Interline Podcast: What Will Digital Deliver In 2023?

How might fashion's ambitions for DPC and all-round digitisation influence the way the industry develops its digital capabilities? This episode features a conversation between The Interline's Editor, Ben Hanson, and Kalypso's Alison Coddaire.

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Next-generation factories promise a brighter future for solar manufacturing

Kalypso's Chad Markle and First Solar's Jay Mehta discuss why the digital transformation of scalable and cost-effective solar manufacturing is key to enabling the anticipated growth in clean energy alternatives.

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Achieving Digital Resiliency and Agility with Organizational Change Management

Senior manager, Stefanie Gunia, examines how businesses can use organizational change management (OCM) as a catalyst to successfully execute their digital transformation strategies and achieve digital resiliency and agility.

The chemical industry’s path from modernization to digitalization

That anecdote elicited chuckles from the audience at this Automation Fair Chemical Industry Forum that gathered industry experts including Kalypso's Lance Rodenfels. The larger focus of the forum was to discuss the urgency with which chemical manufacturers need to update aging technology while also meeting environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and adopting new digital technologies to thwart cyber-threats.

Pharmaceuticals swallow the digital-transformation pill

The Life Sciences Industry Forum at Automation Fair focused on digital-transformation imperatives in the industry. Moderator Daniel Matlis, president and founder of Axendia, was joined by panelist Sachin Mirsa, global pharmaceutical and biotech industry practice lead at Kalypso

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Leveraging AI to Embed Actionable Decision Intelligence

Decision-making powered by AI can lead to incredible actionable insights. Mithun Nagabhairava, Manager – Data Science, Kalypso, explores how expanding the role of AI helps enable autonomous decision-making, as well as augment the remaining human decision processes with context and decision support mechanisms.

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How to overcome the top 5 DataOps challenges

DataOps is a new tool for effective data use and improved data-driven decision-making. Kalypsonians JP Romero and Hector Rueda share insights on the top five DataOps challenges and how to overcome them

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From Automation to Autonomy: The Major Trends Transforming Tire Production

Autonomous manufacturing is a big topic in the tire sector, today, as producers seek to embrace digital technologies to transform their production operations. Join Mike Loughran as he learns more about this manufacturing revolution from his guests John Woods, Global Director, EMEA, and Jordan Reynolds, Global Director, Data Science & AI, both from Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation Company.

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How Decision Intelligence Can Transform Industrial and Supply Chain Operations

Mithun Nagabhairava explores how enterprises can optimize their existing digital operations with AI and automation that can help mature capabilities of digital intelligence, including what’s required and what the process looks like.

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Why Master Data Management Is the Crux of Supply Chain Resilience

An established MDM practice is the foundation that supports risk-related and other business decision-making. Companies with established MDM capabilities have clearer visibility into their customers, suppliers and products, and thus are better positioned to deal with the unprecedented, whether it be a natural disaster, pandemic, disruptive competitor or a change in the regulatory environment.

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The connectivity and interoperability of your data, itself, can make or break your digitalization

Kalypsonian Rod Walters examines how companies can evolve toward what’s known as digital thread and digital twin technologies. It’s what happens when information silos are broken down to create frictionless, real-time sharing of data across the organization

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Crafting a Sustainable Engineering Culture

Across many engineering organizations, the fear of changing longstanding ways of working is slowing adoption of more sustainable design practices. Engineers, more comfortable solving for traditional design objectives like performance or manufacturability, are skeptical about adding another “design for X” mantra to their already complex design workflows, notes Rein Singfield, senior consulting manager at Kalypso.

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The Digital Supply Chain podcast - A Chat With Kalypso's Jeff Miller

How can organisations utilise this to to further their ESG and Sustainability goals? To cast some light on this I invited Jeff Miller a Kalypso (a Rockwell Automation company) exec to come on the podcast.

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Avoiding new silos with digital threads, digital twins

Digital thread and digital twin technology can help optimize operations and fuel improvements in product design and manufacturing processes, but only if companies avoid new data silos and choose interoperability. - Kalypsonian Rod Walters

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Optimizing the digitization of tech transfer and scale-up for Pharma 4.0

In today’s global, extended value chains, complete visibility of information, collaboration and orchestration of both structured and unstructured data across the chain is vital for efficient technology transfer, quick scale-up and speed to market. - Kalypsonian Sachin Misra

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Exclusive Interview with Drew Cekada, Senior Manager - Digital Transformation

If starting a business is one challenge, being on the toes in the ever-changing digital landscape, is quite another. Most companies struggle with innovation in terms of adapting themselves to new technologies as well as product innovation. Senior manager, Drew Cekada, talks with Analytics Insight

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AI is driving ‘hyperautomation’ and autonomous factory systems

Autonomous systems, on the other hand, can learn how to perform tasks on their own and even adapt to changes in a process or environment, according to Jordan Reynolds, global director of data science at the management consulting firm Kalypso.

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Integrate digital thread and digital twins for an effective, data-driven enterprise

As more organizations are using the combined power of digital-thread and digital-twin capabilities to power their digital transformations to new levels of efficiency, productivity, uptime and growth, the strongest competitive advantage will come to organizations that not only adopt digital thread and digital twins, but also optimize the implementation of these capabilities in strategic applications and use cases where they can do the most good in the enterprise. -Rod Walters, principal & global practice leader of enterprise technology

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AI in process control

Given the rise of AI in the food processing business, industry executives believe the benefits are worth the risks. For more insight, we spoke with Jordan Reynolds, global director of data science at Kalypso, a Rockwell business, about the use of AI in process control.

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Digital Transformation: How to Gain Organizational Buy-In

"Successful digital transformation requires adoption across your organization. Consider these ‘people-focused’ strategies to address issues that can slow your progress" - Chelsea Barnes, Senior Manager at Kalypso.

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The role of automation in the future of manufacturing

In this article, The Manufacturer speaks with Uwe Kueppers, Manager Consulting Services at Kalypso (a Rockwell Automation Company), and EMEA board chairman of MESA.

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Understanding the benefits of a data quality strategy

"Data users will always be the best judges of data accuracy," said JP Romero, technical manager of the enterprise information management practice at Kalypso, a digital technology and consulting company.

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Top 5 data quality and accuracy challenges and how to overcome them

Manager JP Romero talked to VentureBeat about how concrete data and analytics now power businesses’ most critical decisions. To overcome issues related to data quality and accuracy, it’s critical to first know the context in which the data elements will be used, as well as best practices to guide the initiatives along.

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AI Takes on the Data Quality Challenge

“Data quality is a paramount necessity in the digital age when building robust digital twins and digital threads,” says Jordan Reynolds, global director of data science at Kalypso. “As volume and variety increase, so do necessities and challenges around data quality. An organization needs a strategy to enhance data quality in a manner that allows digital threads to be created.”

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Accessing the AI Revolution

Rodney Holmes discusses the ongoing advance of artificial intelligence throughout the pharma industry and looks at how companies not yet invested in it can get started with AI

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Kalypso Strengthens Automotive and Tire Practice with Appointment of Aleksandar Boskovic as Principal

Recognized automotive and tire leader Aleksandar Boskovic has joined Kalypso, the digital services arm of Rockwell Automation helping some of the world’s largest and most influential companies, discover create, make and sell better products with digital.

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From Automation to Autonomy: Making the Move in CPG

Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, more CPG companies are accelerating their adoption of autonomous manufacturing to solve complex production challenges. Edith Trevino and Austin Locke discuss.

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Analytic Insight's Exclusive Interview with JP Romero, Technical Manager at Kalypso

As data stores continue to grow, modern data governance programs should consider appropriate measures to keep up with the volume, whether it means leveraging automation and machine learning, expanding their data stewardship teams, or a combination of both.

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Using the digital thread as the foundation of autonomous factories

Uwe Kueppers, manager of consulting services at Kalypso: A Rockwell Automation Business, discusses how the digital thread is the foundation of autonomous factories.

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How IT Can Modernize and Streamline Enterprise Supply Chains

When planning an enterprise supply chain modernization initiative, it's important to closely examine the entire supply chain to ensure that performance will be optimized across all stages, recommends Jeffrey Miller, director of the industrial high-tech practice at management consulting firm Kalypso

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Three Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Principal Sachin Misra discusses three ways a company in the life sciences industry can achieve digital transformation. To reap the benefits of a more productive digital environment and realize the full advantages of life-changing technology digital transformation must be planned to reverberate across the entire organization

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Podcast: Trends In The Apparel Industry Supply Chain

The apparel industry has seen seismic changes in the last couple of years, from swinging demand, to the shift to direct sales, to supply breakdowns. Steve Riordan, Global Director of Supply Chain at Kalypso, joins The Digital Supply Chain podcast to discuss them.

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Trusted advisors: 8 tips for developing a dependable network

Brittany Hamm, global director of managed services at Kalypso, also looks for those who are comfortable being honest. “Background and experience level vary — from technical to functional, junior to senior,” Hamm says of her trusted advisors. “But those that give, and welcome, candid feedback are the common thread.”

AI in 2022: Here are More AI and Tech Predictions from IT Experts

“Autonomous systems understand business processes as they exist within the organization and make decisions based on its understanding of the real-time situations and environments,” said George Young. “Organizations that do not tackle high-priority business problems with autonomous automation now will see their competitors leave them in their wake.”

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FMC's Global Modernization Effort Shows the Power of Digital Twins for Digital Transformation

Jon Nelson, Director of the Medical Device Practice at Kalypso talks about the power of digital twins for digital transformation

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Preparing for the post-pandemic economy with AI

To understand how artificial intelligence is helping employees to transition and adapt within the changing world of work, Digital Journal heard from Jordan Reynolds, Global Director of Data Science, Kalypso.

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5 Ways Non-Tech Companies Use AI to Adjust to a Post-Pandemic World

We’ve merely scratched the surface of the practical applications of these intelligent technologies in broader industries. Below are five concrete functions of AI and ML being used right now to help businesses and their employees regain momentum and stability on the other end of the crisis.