Video Series:
Accelerating Digital Transformation for Retailers and Brands

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It's time for a holistic strategy for digital transformation

For the past year, product development leaders in retail, footwear and apparel (RFA) have rapidly invested in 3D and digital product creation programs to adapt and survive, but they often lack the strategy required to scale. As we move forward, there's an opportunity to transform how product development models worked in the past, and evolve to a new model that is sustainable and resilient.

In this video series, our experts discuss key strategies and technologies RFA companies can use to discover, create, make and sell products - better, faster and cheaper.

Renewing Digital Transformation for Retail

Hadley Bauer talks to Steve Riordan about how product leaders in retail, footwear & apparel and consumer goods should renew their focus on digital transformation as a response to COVID-19.

“Product leaders have been focused on the respond and recover [phases] and they’re just now starting to turn their attention to… how they should run their product development life cycles going forward.”

- Steve Riordan

Implementing Foundational Technologies for DPC

Will Yester and Hadley Bauer talk about how leaders can implement foundational digital product creation technologies to achieve their digital transformation.

Transforming Product Development with 3D

Brendon Marczan and Hadley Bauer talk about the future of 3D technology in retail, footwear, and apparel, and how DPC will upend traditional views of how to create and manufacture products.

“We really are starting to see people rethink the way they create product and manufacture product altogether.”

- Brendan Marczan

Preparing for Success in a Digital World

Sergio Martinez and Hadley Bauer talk about how foundational technologies like PLM are used to enable DPC, and discuss the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

“The requirement for digital asset management [in retail] had been different from the beginning.”

- Sergio Martinez

Anticipating the Future of Smart Connected Operations

Wynchester Whetten and Hadley Bauer talk about opportunities, use cases, and hang ups for smart connected operations in a world where sales are increasingly taking place online.

“I think this is actually a really timely conversation…with everything that’s happening with COVID, because one of the common applications for smart connected products is for inventory management.”

- Wynchester Whetten

Delivering Value with Analytics for Product Leaders

Drew Cekada and Hadley Bauer discuss opportunities, use cases, and hang-ups for advanced analytics in a retail climate with renewed interest in the technology.

“The retail industry has a history of being really mature in analytics capabilities, but for far too long, I think that analytics capability has been focused on the consumer and not the product.”

- Drew Cekada

Optimizing the Proof of Concept

Brendon Marczan is back with a follow up to this last interview. This time he and Hadley Bauer get into how you should optimize your proof of concept to stay out of POC purgatory.

“[A proof of concept] is meant to be educational, it's meant to enable new discoveries and remove blockers. A pilot is tied usually to a seasonal calendar and it's deployed for limited categories or uses.”

- Brendon Marczan

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