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How Extended Reality is Improving Maintenance and Training

In what has become the “new normal,” industrial manufacturers are realizing large productivity gains by leveraging extended reality (XR) technologies to support digital manufacturing.

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How Data and an Agile Mindset Cut Costs and Boosted Yield

Colin Speakman, principal at Kalypso, discusses turning data into information with actionable insights enables an organization to develop a sense of how they should react and prepare for a new normal.

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PODCAST: What’s the First Step to Digital Transformation?

"The biggest thing that you could do upfront [in your digital transformation journey] is listen," says Chelsea Barnes. "Get all levels of the organization engaged and be a part of defining the journey, not just [those who will be] receiving the end product."

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3 Ways Brands Transform End-to-End Product Development by Going Digital

For many consumer goods manufacturers, COVID-19 exposed issues with their digital thread – the way they discover, create, make and sell new products.

Five Steps for a Successful Smart Factory Journey

A smart factory journey promises strong value, but it can be counterproductive if embarked upon incorrectly, resulting in reduced efficiency and wasted capital. Here are five steps for a successful journey.

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How AI/ML Can Improve Manufacturing Operations

Collecting and analyzing data is a challenge that traditional manufacturing systems are not designed for – and manufacturers are missing out on valuable insights as a result.

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Up Close: In Conversation with Kalypso’s Sarah Pierson

Sarah Pierson talked to Sourcing Journal about the fashion industry, her personal style icons and what's next for Kalypso.

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Overview of 4 types of warehouse management systems

TechTarget interviewed Sachin Misra about picking the right WMS and cloud vs. on-prem solutions.

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Accelerating time to market with regulatory information management systems

Regulatory information management systems have existed for decades, but over time have matured significantly, especially in recent years.

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Extended reality sees pickup from pandemic, growing interest in industrial use

Dave Hadfield, principal, spoke to Matt Hamblen at Fierce about the state and future state of XR.

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Benchmarking Digital Product Creation for 2021

For the 5th year in a row, Kalypso released joint research on the state of digital product creation in retail, footwear and apparel.

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Four Ways Blockchain Could Advance the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Sachin Misra wrote about how blockchain can advance COVID-19 vaccine rollout by ensuring safety, efficacy, trust and transparency.

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Six Manufacturing Tech Trends To Look For In 2021

George Young told Forbes that one of the six trends for 2021 will be human-centered AI: “In 2021, enterprises will take a human-centered approach to AI initiatives, understanding user needs and values, then adapting AI designs and models accordingly, which will in turn, improve adoption.”

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Artificial intelligence becomes less artificial: How humans define digital’s success

AI as part of your digital transformation is great, but don't leave the humans behind. George Young argues in The Evolving Enterprise that OCM teams must not be treated as an afterthought to the digital transition.

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How Today’s Food and Beverage Landscape Presents Urgent Problem for Blockchain to Solve

Colin Speakman writes about how the food and beverage industry can enable traceability with blockchain, but first we need to establish industry-wide standards.

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How Enterprises will Reap the Benefits of Digital Transformation Initiatives in 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation across industries worldwide in 2020, we'll see enterprises refine their digital strategies and reap the benefits in 2021.

Digital Transformation’s Future, Prescriptive Analytics and Human-Centered AI Initiatives

RFID Journal published George Young's 2021 Digital transformation predictions. "Value chains will be connected by a digital thread as digital-transformation initiatives accelerate amid the ongoing pandemic."

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AI Predictions for 2021

Database Trends and Applications included George Young in their 2021 AI predictions. "Enterprises will take a human-centered approach to AI initiatives, understanding user needs and values, then adapting AI designs and models accordingly, which will in turn, improve adoption."

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Big Data Industry Predictions for 2021

George Young was included in insideBIGDATA's 2021 industry predictions. "Going beyond predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics will ultimately enable digital transformation success for manufacturers in 2021."

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What is digital transformation’s future?

George Young caught up with the folks at Digital Journal to talk about the future of digital transformation and the digital thread in 2021.

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Digital twin in tire pre-production – unlocking double-digit impact

Kalypso's Chad Markle and Rockwell's Dan Paul share their thoughts on how digital twins in the tire industry can unlock double-digit impact across the phases of pre-production.

5 ways to speed transformation during COVID-19

Kalypso's Mick Mancuso spoke at a press conference during Automation Fair At Home. “We saw a little bit of a pause as the outbreak hit different parts of the world. Now, we’re only seeing acceleration. It is a business imperative now.”

Survive and thrive in the post-pandemic future

Kalypso's Steve Riordan and Rein Singfield co-presented the keynote session “Next in CPG: Survival tactics for the post-pandemic future.” Control Global recapped their presentation.

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Report: Preparing for Post-Pandemic Recovery—No Matter What It Looks Like

Kalypso's strategic foresight lead Kelly Kornet and Steve Riordan talked to Sourcing Journal about our report, Post-Pandemic Futures: For the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, Footwear & Apparel Industries.

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Crisis Management and the Coronavirus: Supply Chain, Technology and Infrastructure

Kalypso's Steve Riordan speaks with WWD about the increase in the pace of change towards faster digital product development cycles, enabled by 3D and advanced analytics.

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Face Mask Shortage Mirrors Fashion’s Need for Supply Chain Makeover

Kalypso partner, Steve Riordan, spoke to Sourcing Journal on how the COVID-19 crisis highlights the opportunity to accelerate towards a fundamentally different model for retail product development and sourcing.

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Navigating Choppy Seas is Supply Chain’s New Reality

Kalypso's Peter Warner is featured in this article about what retail, footwear and apparel companies need to do to diversify supply chains in a volatile global market.

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Advancing AI in the ‘More-of-Less’ Era of Apparel Retailing

Kalypso's Will Yester comments on the business opportunities for retail companies to leverage artificial intelligence.

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Is Digital Transformation The Key To Competing With Amazon?

While the retail industry outlook doesn’t seem as dire as it once was, it’s more important than ever for retailers and brands to execute to really thrive. Kalypso's Amy Kenly discusses what retailers need to do to remain competitive in a digital world.

Retailers increasingly use their own brands to stand out from the competition

Consumer practice lead Steve Riordan comments on how retailers can differentiate against "the Amazon effect."

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The Need for Speed: Time-to-Market Acceleration is the Ultimate Retail Differentiator

Consumer practice lead Steve Riordan is featured in this piece on how retailers are speeding time to market to differentiate themselves.

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CUSTOMIZE? NO, MODULARIZE! Mix-and-match modules yield more products with fewer parts at lower costs

Jordan Reynolds discusses the benefits of modularization for industrial engineering companies to provide customized options at a fraction of the cost. 

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Recipe for food innovation success: Blending experts and technology

George Young weighs in on digital innovation in the food and beverage industry and how it will drive improved product development processes.

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Why you should hire a futurist

Manager Laura Schlehuber comments on the role and impact of futurists within organizations today.

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A Balancing Act: How premium packaging leads to profits

Senior manager Stephen Birtsas comments on how packaging for food products can drive profit.

Foresight and The Future of R&D

Christian Crews and Ted Farrington describe how a comprehensive foresight process for R&D can both improve performance and steer organizations through a turbulent marketplace.

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Stress-Testing Your Digital Transformation From the Bottom Up

Amy Kenly and Chad Markle comment on how to ensure your digital transformation is ready for a "think global, act local" collaboration.

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7-Eleven looking for acquisitions to fuel North American growth

CEO George Young comments on why 7-Eleven's North American base and offerings will help it bring in more customers.

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7-Eleven plans to more than double U.S. footprint; grow to 20,000 stores

CEO George Young comments on growing consumer reliance on convenience stores for daily needs. 

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Teaming Up for New Products

Strategy & Operations practice lead Mike Friedman and partner Helayne Angelus discuss the evolving collaboration among retailers and suppliers around product innovation in the modern digital environment.

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MillerCoors spends beer money on North Texas brewery

Senior manager Paul Salyards comments on the impact of the craft and import division of MillerCoors' majority stake acquisition of a large Texas craft brewery.

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Pour me another: Overturned Texas law may mean lower craft brew prices

Senior manager Paul Salyards comments on the impact the recent overturning of a Texas state law has on craft brew and distributors.

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How a mobile app is helping GameStop grow virtual reality into a $3B business

Digital practice lead Chad Markle comments on the impact augmented and virtual reality will have on the gaming industry.

Take notes: How retailers are approaching back to school shopping season

Retail practice lead Steve Riordan comments on the 2016 back to school shopping season.

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PI Apparel 2016: Our CEO’s Exclusive Report

Coverage of PI Apparel 2016, including Kalypso's participation.

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PTC’s LiveWorx 2016: The WhichPLM Report (Part Two)

Additional coverage of LiveWorx, including Kalypso's participation in 5th Avenue, PTC’s retail showcase.

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PTC’s LiveWorx 2016: The WhichPLM Report (Part One)

Coverage of LiveWorx, including Kalypso's participation in 5th Avenue, PTC’s retail showcase.

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More Than Cosmetics For Mary Kay: Six Best Practices For Digitizing Innovation

George Young, Kalypso's CEO and Deanna Fell, vice president of engineering and PMO at Mary Kay discuss leading practices for digitizing innovation.

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Six Key Thoughts From Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Cycle

CEO George Young's thoughts on innovation are quoted in this recap.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Kendall Hawkins, Kalypso's senior manager of talent, discusses the catalyst for the firm's culture of candor.