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Kalypso Strengthens Automotive and Tire Practice with Appointment of Aleksandar Boskovic as Principal

Recognized automotive and tire leader Aleksandar Boskovic has joined Kalypso, the digital services arm of Rockwell Automation helping some of the world’s largest and most influential companies, discover create, make and sell better products with digital.

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From Automation to Autonomy: Making the Move in CPG

Enabled by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, more CPG companies are accelerating their adoption of autonomous manufacturing to solve complex production challenges. Edith Trevino and Austin Locke discuss.

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Analytic Insight's Exclusive Interview with JP Romero, Technical Manager at Kalypso

As data stores continue to grow, modern data governance programs should consider appropriate measures to keep up with the volume, whether it means leveraging automation and machine learning, expanding their data stewardship teams, or a combination of both.

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Using the digital thread as the foundation of autonomous factories

Uwe Kueppers, manager of consulting services at Kalypso: A Rockwell Automation Business, discusses how the digital thread is the foundation of autonomous factories.

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How IT Can Modernize and Streamline Enterprise Supply Chains

When planning an enterprise supply chain modernization initiative, it's important to closely examine the entire supply chain to ensure that performance will be optimized across all stages, recommends Jeffrey Miller, director of the industrial high-tech practice at management consulting firm Kalypso

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Three Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Principal Sachin Misra discusses three ways a company in the life sciences industry can achieve digital transformation. To reap the benefits of a more productive digital environment and realize the full advantages of life-changing technology digital transformation must be planned to reverberate across the entire organization

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Trusted advisors: 8 tips for developing a dependable network

Brittany Hamm, global director of managed services at Kalypso, also looks for those who are comfortable being honest. “Background and experience level vary — from technical to functional, junior to senior,” Hamm says of her trusted advisors. “But those that give, and welcome, candid feedback are the common thread.”

AI in 2022: Here are More AI and Tech Predictions from IT Experts

“Autonomous systems understand business processes as they exist within the organization and make decisions based on its understanding of the real-time situations and environments,” said George Young. “Organizations that do not tackle high-priority business problems with autonomous automation now will see their competitors leave them in their wake.”

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FMC's Global Modernization Effort Shows the Power of Digital Twins for Digital Transformation

Jon Nelson, Director of the Medical Device Practice at Kalypso talks about the power of digital twins for digital transformation

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Preparing for the post-pandemic economy with AI

To understand how artificial intelligence is helping employees to transition and adapt within the changing world of work, Digital Journal heard from Jordan Reynolds, Global Director of Data Science, Kalypso.

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5 Ways Non-Tech Companies Use AI to Adjust to a Post-Pandemic World

We’ve merely scratched the surface of the practical applications of these intelligent technologies in broader industries. Below are five concrete functions of AI and ML being used right now to help businesses and their employees regain momentum and stability on the other end of the crisis.

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Change management: How to build resilience into your processes

“The past year and a half have shown us the importance of robust, nimble and resilient processes and IT systems that can both withstand sudden change and adapt to many concurrent modes of operation,” says Chelsea Barnes, a leader in Kalypso’s organizational change management and digital practices.

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12 factors heating up the popularity of digital twins and simulations

Kalypso director of data science Jordan Reynolds told VentureBeat, “Major advancements in autonomous system performance are attributable to model predictive control (MPC), a digital twin methodology that simulates how a complex system will respond to operational inputs and changes in its environment.”

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The Path from PID to Autonomy

At Rockwell Automation Fair 2021, Jordan Reynolds, global director of data science at Kalypso (a Rockwell Automation company), gave a presentation on autonomous systems that helped explain how these advanced neural systems, as they’re applied in industry, can be seen as extensions of the PID (proportional-integral-derivative) closed loop control systems with which we’re all familiar.

Downtime is the Right Time for Digitalization

On the labor side, George Young, global managing director at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, is seeing investment in knowledge capture from subject-matter experts and system modeling. “We can build advanced models and use it to demonstrate how the plant will run before it breaks ground,” he said. “For labor, there’s a need for a different kind of operator and fewer lower-skilled laborers for autonomous operation. But you need more highly skilled labor. Sometimes you can turn those old operators into the new ones you need.”

Kraft Heinz, AB-InBev Take Digitalization Plunge

Ingles and Tisdell headlined the wide-ranging panel discussion at the Food and Beverage Industry Forum focusing on consumer-packaged goods (CPG) on the first day of Automation Fair 2021 this week in Houston. They were joined by Colin Speakman, global director of consumer products at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation company, and moderator Steve Deitzer, VP of CPG enterprise accounts at Rockwell Automation.
‘Digital transformation’ requires enterprise-wide change: Rockwell Automation

Sachin Misra, principal and global practice leader at Kalyspo, discusses how to fully reap the benefits of tech advances and why a life-sciences firm must embrace change and connection throughout the operation.

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Evaluating Technology Support For The Internet of Things

“Many IoT platforms are relatively new to the market, so finding experienced IoT developers and solution architects to work on and maintain a system is a challenge,” says Richard Mizuno, Asia-Pacific principal and regional director at Kalypso, a Rockwell Automation Company.

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Why Fashion is Taking Digital Product Development Off the Back Burner

“By going through these near-death experiences during Covid, companies understand what the stakes are and what they need to do to respond to this environment,” said Steve Riordan, global director, consumer and life sciences, at consulting firm Kalypso.

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How Manufacturers Can Use AI/ML to Improve Operations and Predict the Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded, creating unprecedented demand for IoT-enabled devices, services, and solutions – with global spending expected to exceed one trillion U.S. dollars by 2022.

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How to Know When to Abandon an Underperforming Cloud Provider

Brittany Hamm, global digital services lead at professional services provider Kalypso, a unit of Rockwell Automation, discusses knowing exactly when it's time to switch cloud providers. It can be an agonizing process that requires careful consideration, analysis, and planning.

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How Extended Reality is Improving Maintenance and Training

In what has become the “new normal,” industrial manufacturers are realizing large productivity gains by leveraging extended reality (XR) technologies to support digital manufacturing.

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How Data and an Agile Mindset Cut Costs and Boosted Yield

Colin Speakman, principal at Kalypso, discusses turning data into information with actionable insights enables an organization to develop a sense of how they should react and prepare for a new normal.

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PODCAST: What’s the First Step to Digital Transformation?

"The biggest thing that you could do upfront [in your digital transformation journey] is listen," says Chelsea Barnes. "Get all levels of the organization engaged and be a part of defining the journey, not just [those who will be] receiving the end product."

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3 Ways Brands Transform End-to-End Product Development by Going Digital

For many consumer goods manufacturers, COVID-19 exposed issues with their digital thread – the way they discover, create, make and sell new products.

Five Steps for a Successful Smart Factory Journey

A smart factory journey promises strong value, but it can be counterproductive if embarked upon incorrectly, resulting in reduced efficiency and wasted capital. Here are five steps for a successful journey.

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How AI/ML Can Improve Manufacturing Operations

Collecting and analyzing data is a challenge that traditional manufacturing systems are not designed for – and manufacturers are missing out on valuable insights as a result.

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Up Close: In Conversation with Kalypso’s Sarah Pierson

Sarah Pierson talked to Sourcing Journal about the fashion industry, her personal style icons and what's next for Kalypso.

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Overview of 4 types of warehouse management systems

TechTarget interviewed Sachin Misra about picking the right WMS and cloud vs. on-prem solutions.

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Accelerating time to market with regulatory information management systems

Regulatory information management systems have existed for decades, but over time have matured significantly, especially in recent years.

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Extended reality sees pickup from pandemic, growing interest in industrial use

Dave Hadfield, principal, spoke to Matt Hamblen at Fierce about the state and future state of XR.

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Benchmarking Digital Product Creation for 2021

For the 5th year in a row, Kalypso released joint research on the state of digital product creation in retail, footwear and apparel.

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Four Ways Blockchain Could Advance the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Sachin Misra wrote about how blockchain can advance COVID-19 vaccine rollout by ensuring safety, efficacy, trust and transparency.

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Six Manufacturing Tech Trends To Look For In 2021

George Young told Forbes that one of the six trends for 2021 will be human-centered AI: “In 2021, enterprises will take a human-centered approach to AI initiatives, understanding user needs and values, then adapting AI designs and models accordingly, which will in turn, improve adoption.”

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How Today’s Food and Beverage Landscape Presents Urgent Problem for Blockchain to Solve

Colin Speakman writes about how the food and beverage industry can enable traceability with blockchain, but first we need to establish industry-wide standards.

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How Enterprises will Reap the Benefits of Digital Transformation Initiatives in 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation across industries worldwide in 2020, we'll see enterprises refine their digital strategies and reap the benefits in 2021.

Digital Transformation’s Future, Prescriptive Analytics and Human-Centered AI Initiatives

RFID Journal published George Young's 2021 Digital transformation predictions. "Value chains will be connected by a digital thread as digital-transformation initiatives accelerate amid the ongoing pandemic."

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AI Predictions for 2021

Database Trends and Applications included George Young in their 2021 AI predictions. "Enterprises will take a human-centered approach to AI initiatives, understanding user needs and values, then adapting AI designs and models accordingly, which will in turn, improve adoption."

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Big Data Industry Predictions for 2021

George Young was included in insideBIGDATA's 2021 industry predictions. "Going beyond predictive analytics to prescriptive analytics will ultimately enable digital transformation success for manufacturers in 2021."

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What is digital transformation’s future?

George Young caught up with the folks at Digital Journal to talk about the future of digital transformation and the digital thread in 2021.

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Digital twin in tire pre-production – unlocking double-digit impact

Kalypso's Chad Markle and Rockwell's Dan Paul share their thoughts on how digital twins in the tire industry can unlock double-digit impact across the phases of pre-production.

5 ways to speed transformation during COVID-19

Kalypso's Mick Mancuso spoke at a press conference during Automation Fair At Home. “We saw a little bit of a pause as the outbreak hit different parts of the world. Now, we’re only seeing acceleration. It is a business imperative now.”

Survive and thrive in the post-pandemic future

Kalypso's Steve Riordan and Rein Singfield co-presented the keynote session “Next in CPG: Survival tactics for the post-pandemic future.” Control Global recapped their presentation.

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Report: Preparing for Post-Pandemic Recovery—No Matter What It Looks Like

Kalypso's strategic foresight lead Kelly Kornet and Steve Riordan talked to Sourcing Journal about our report, Post-Pandemic Futures: For the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, Footwear & Apparel Industries.

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Crisis Management and the Coronavirus: Supply Chain, Technology and Infrastructure

Kalypso's Steve Riordan speaks with WWD about the increase in the pace of change towards faster digital product development cycles, enabled by 3D and advanced analytics.

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Face Mask Shortage Mirrors Fashion’s Need for Supply Chain Makeover

Kalypso partner, Steve Riordan, spoke to Sourcing Journal on how the COVID-19 crisis highlights the opportunity to accelerate towards a fundamentally different model for retail product development and sourcing.

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Navigating Choppy Seas is Supply Chain’s New Reality

Kalypso's Peter Warner is featured in this article about what retail, footwear and apparel companies need to do to diversify supply chains in a volatile global market.

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Advancing AI in the ‘More-of-Less’ Era of Apparel Retailing

Kalypso's Will Yester comments on the business opportunities for retail companies to leverage artificial intelligence.

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Is Digital Transformation The Key To Competing With Amazon?

While the retail industry outlook doesn’t seem as dire as it once was, it’s more important than ever for retailers and brands to execute to really thrive. Kalypso's Amy Kenly discusses what retailers need to do to remain competitive in a digital world.

Retailers increasingly use their own brands to stand out from the competition

Consumer practice lead Steve Riordan comments on how retailers can differentiate against "the Amazon effect."