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Looking Past the Ladder

The key to motivating employees in an organization that is more horizontal than vertical is to leverage their employees' strengths and enable them to contribute to the organization in a meaningful way. In this piece Kalypso Partners Helayne Angelus and Mike Friedman discuss alternative methods of rewarding employees.     

Women: Let’s Stop Allowing Race and Age to Divide Us

Kalypso's Helayne Angelus was interviewed for an article about racial and generational biases that prevent women from helping each other in the workplace.

Innovation Management
Your Consumer and the Innovation Equation - Why They May Not Be Involved Enough

In this article Kalypso's Colin Speakman discusses how bringing consumers into the innovation equation earlier and consistently across the innovation process will not only help define the innovation, but dramatically assist in portfolio management choices including the balance between incremental and breakthrough innovation.

The Daily Muse
Getting Ahead in an Office-Less Environment

Getting ahead at any company requires a certain amount of strategy. But a company that operates virtually—with no offices, no cubicles, and no in-person meetings? That’s a different game entirely. In this piece, Kalypso's Bill Poston discusses what distinguishes the best digital workers from the rest.

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How Many Companies Are 100% Distributed

This blog featured Kalypso as one of very few companies with a 100% virtual model.

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E-trails of Trouble

This article, featuring Kalypso's Jenna Dudevoir, discusses the importance of presenting a professional online image, whether you're a student looking for an internship or a recent graduate looking to start your career.