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The Need for Speed: Time-to-Market Acceleration is the Ultimate Retail Differentiator

Consumer practice lead Steve Riordan is featured in this piece on how retailers are speeding time to market to differentiate themselves.

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Recipe for food innovation success: Blending experts and technology

George Young weighs in on digital innovation in the food and beverage industry and how it will drive improved product development processes.

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Why you should hire a futurist

Manager Laura Schlehuber comments on the role and impact of futurists within organizations today.

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A Balancing Act: How premium packaging leads to profits

Senior manager Stephen Birtsas comments on how packaging for food products can drive profit.

Foresight and The Future of R&D

Christian Crews and Ted Farrington describe how a comprehensive foresight process for R&D can both improve performance and steer organizations through a turbulent marketplace.

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Stress-Testing Your Digital Transformation From the Bottom Up

Amy Kenly and Chad Markle comment on how to ensure your digital transformation is ready for a "think global, act local" collaboration.

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7-Eleven looking for acquisitions to fuel North American growth

CEO George Young comments on why 7-Eleven's North American base and offerings will help it bring in more customers.

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7-Eleven plans to more than double U.S. footprint; grow to 20,000 stores

CEO George Young comments on growing consumer reliance on convenience stores for daily needs. 

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Teaming Up for New Products

Strategy & Operations practice lead Mike Friedman and partner Helayne Angelus discuss the evolving collaboration among retailers and suppliers around product innovation in the modern digital environment.

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MillerCoors spends beer money on North Texas brewery

Senior manager Paul Salyards comments on the impact of the craft and import division of MillerCoors' majority stake acquisition of a large Texas craft brewery.

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Pour me another: Overturned Texas law may mean lower craft brew prices

Senior manager Paul Salyards comments on the impact the recent overturning of a Texas state law has on craft brew and distributors.

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How a mobile app is helping GameStop grow virtual reality into a $3B business

Digital practice lead Chad Markle comments on the impact augmented and virtual reality will have on the gaming industry.

Take notes: How retailers are approaching back to school shopping season

Retail practice lead Steve Riordan comments on the 2016 back to school shopping season.

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PI Apparel 2016: Our CEO’s Exclusive Report

Coverage of PI Apparel 2016, including Kalypso's participation.

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PTC’s LiveWorx 2016: The WhichPLM Report (Part Two)

Additional coverage of LiveWorx, including Kalypso's participation in 5th Avenue, PTC’s retail showcase.

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PTC’s LiveWorx 2016: The WhichPLM Report (Part One)

Coverage of LiveWorx, including Kalypso's participation in 5th Avenue, PTC’s retail showcase.

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More Than Cosmetics For Mary Kay: Six Best Practices For Digitizing Innovation

George Young, Kalypso's CEO and Deanna Fell, vice president of engineering and PMO at Mary Kay discuss leading practices for digitizing innovation.

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Six Key Thoughts From Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Cycle

CEO George Young's thoughts on innovation are quoted in this recap.

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

Kendall Hawkins, Kalypso's senior manager of talent, discusses the catalyst for the firm's culture of candor.

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2016 Readers’ Choice: New Product Development & Introduction

CEO George Young comments on Consumer Goods Technology's (CGT) 2016 Reader's Choice survey and the state of new product development and introduction for the consumer goods industry.

Nobody likes the office backstabber. Is ‘front-stabbing’ any better?

A recap of the steps Kalypso has taken to encourage candid conversations and feedback within the firm.

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Workplace Culture

Kendall Hawkins, Kalypso's senior manager of talent, talks about the steps Kalypso has taken to practice a culture of candor. 

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‘Nice’ Is a Four-Letter Word at Companies Practicing Radical Candor

Kendall Hawkins, Kalypso's senior manager of talent, discusses the challenges of fostering a candid work environment (login required).

Cold rain sends Black Friday shoppers inside to Dallas-area malls

Did you brave Black Friday? Our own Al Meyers spent the day at the mall with The Dallas Morning News to observe this year's shopping trends.

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Survey: Millennial ‘Style Gurus’ Poised to Spend This Holiday Season

The 2015 Holiday FINdex indicates the upcoming shopping season may be a strong one, at least for apparel and footwear. Kalypso's Steve Riordan explains why merchandise innovation plays a big role.

L.L. Bean Taps Kalypso for Product Innovation

L.L. Bean is pleased with the robust tools that have been developed with Kalypso, which will be instrumental in ensuring seamless collaboration with internal and external teams to reduce development costs, keep them closer to market trends and ensure that products pass their high quality and compliance standards.

Video: Watching a Mountain Bike on a Smart Connected Dashboard

Kalypso's Andy Timm explains Kalypso's joint project with PTC and NI to create a smart, connected mountain bike. The goal - to show what's possible with the internet of things.

How to Take a Balanced Approach to IoT in Retail

The Internet of Things (IoT) buzz has accelerated in recent months, specifically in retail. Andy Timm gives his advice for rising above the noise, identifying real business value, understanding the opportunity, and finding your unique starting point.

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Your Innovation Past Does NOT Predict Future Innovation Potential

Colin Speakman believes that leading indicators – not just lagging indicators – should be used in conjunction with past performance to measure future innovation potential.

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The Chief Innovation Officer: Mastering Influence and Building a Cross-Functional Coalition

Sean Klein believes that by becoming a master of influence and building a coalition, the Chief Innovation Officer can overcome barriers posed by traditional functional structures to deliver transformational value to their organization.

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What the Heck IS Innovation in Retail?

Steve Riordan tells us how he thinks about where innovation occurs in retail, and what’s driving it.

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Up the Efficiency of your PLM Deployment

Sameer Deodhar's article discussing leading practices of an application lifecycle management (ALM) approach.

Innovation Process Design and Software Tool Enablement - Part 2

When a company wants to improve innovation capabilities - should they start with improving the innovation process or implementing a new software tool? PDMA Visions published this feature article by Noel Sobelman with seven key considerations.

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2015 Readers’ Choice: New Product Development & Introduction

George Young details the current landscape of new product development and introduction solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

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Kalypso Acquires GoEngineer’s Implementation Services Business

Coverage on the Kalypso-GoEngineer strategic partnership and implementation services business acquisition.

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Most Americans to Keep Same Holiday Budget Despite Lower Gas Prices

Steve Riordan comments on why Americans didn't use their fuel savings on gifts this year.

Accelerate the Path to a Graduate Degree With a BBA-MBA Program

Recruiting manager Roxy Wolfe weighs in on the importance on having work experience prior to starting an MBA program.

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 1: Modularize your People, Processes and Products - See more at: ht

Following from the post Free to Choose: Mass Customization for Modern Manufacturers, here is the first rule to live by for modern mass customizers.

Medical Design
What You Need to Know Now About Unique Device Identification

As the Sept. 24, 2014, FDA UDI compliance deadline approaches for medical device manufacturers, Kalypso experts Cathi Crist and Scott Gibbard provide analysis on changes made to the final rule and what they mean for the industry. 

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The Executive’s Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions

Kalypso's Michael Glessner and Alexander Tang guide executives through the process of implementing a merger and maximizing the benefits.

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Are You Ready for UDI? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Kalypso's Cathi Crist helps organizations define their approach to implementing UDI.  

6 Things Every Executive Needs to Know About PLM Transformation

Kalypso's Vipin Goyal discusses the top 6 concepts executives need to consider before starting their PLM transformation.

The Chief Innovation Officer: Is It CIO, CNO, or CINO ?

Kalypso's Bill Poston and Sean Klein discuss the great Chief Innovation Officer acronym confusion and the requisite responsibilities to do the job well.

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Managing Complex Product Registration Processes with PLM

Despite the challenges of the international product registration process, Horst Groesser explores how medical device manufacturers have the opportunity to drive growth by launching new products internationally by optimizing their processes with PLM.

Pharma Compliance Monitor
The Three Packaging Challenges Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Back

Pharmaceutical companies are challenged to rapidly expand their business in the face of expiring patents, lengthening drug development cycles and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. This article, written by Kalypso's Stephen Birtsas, discusses three critical challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and what companies can do to overcome these challenges.

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Q&A: The Evolution of PLM

Enterprise software can be a major point of complexity for manufacturers, particularly in the way it seems to change at an incredible speed. In this Q&A, Kalyso's Richard Mizuno discusses how companies can work through changes in product lifecycle management (PLM) software packages.

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Cost-Cutting Redefined

Cutbacks in wages, benefits & labor hours might reduce employer costs in the short term, but will a dent in retail service cause shoppers to go elsewhere? This article, featuring Kalypso's Steve Riordan, discusses the risks retailers and manufacturers should consider when launching or renewing cost-containment strategies.

Private Label Store Brands
Build a Better Team

In this piece Kalypso's Steve Riordan discusses how improving hiring and retention efforts can give retailers an edge on the store brand side.          

Succeeding with Outsourcing? Time to Reinvest for Success!

Succeeding with outsourcing? Kalypso's Vipin Goyal shares three ways apparel companies can maintain their outsourcing edge and balance cost cutting with innovation.

Front End Of Innovation
Mastering the Front End: Seven Steps to a More Creative Organization

Neuroscience has scientifically proven that unusual neural connections help “creative people” connect insights that others find unrelated. So, how do you bring diverse knowledge and insights into an organization to create these unexpected connections? Kalypso's Lucio Pieroni gives seven steps to develop a more creative organization that is more than the sum of its collective individuals.