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IoT, machine learning, augmented reality – these digital technologies are more than ideas. They are the way innovation happens in today’s digital world. It’s time to leverage these technologies to differentiate, build business value and make your digital vision a reality.

For LiveWorx 2017, Kalypso built tangible, practical use cases for the industrial, medical device and retail industries that focus on real business value. 

Did you miss us at LiveWorx 2017? Just want to see it again? We'd love to show you what we built.


Industrial Use Case

Improve Asset Management & Deploy Heads Up Displays in Production Environments

For industrial manufacturers with large, complex environments, losing tools costs time and money. 

At LiveWorx 2017, Kalypso let you get hands-on with IoT for smart asset management, using the power of the broad IoT ecosystem. Using next generation RFID technology offered by Gould Southern and powered by Impinj RAIN RFID solutions and Wiser Systems RRLT, we used PTC’s ThingWorx platform to track tools and technicians in the production environment in real-time with high resolution.

We also partnered with RealWear to provide maintenance procedures and data handsfree with the RealWear HMT-1 — the first head mounted tablet specifically for industrial environments. While wearing the HMT-1, technicians can see exactly what tools they need to perform a task, view maintenance procedures, and get live feedback from smart-connected tools — completely hands free and voice activated.

Medical Device Use Case

Use Advanced IoT Analytics for Medical Imaging to Improve Cancer Detection

In cancer treatment, time matters. The faster a doctor can analyze an image of a tumor, the quicker treatment can begin, and the sooner patients are on their way to recovery.

At LiveWorx, our use case harnessed the power of PTC’s ThingWorx Analytics platform to analyze rich multimedia data — not just text or numbers — to improve cancer detection in medical images. Smart-connected medical imaging equipment sends images to the cloud for deep learning analysis, comparing them to hundreds of thousands of others to look for the tell-tale signs of cancer.

Kalypso can help medical device manufacturers maximize the value of smart, connected devices, with everything from predictive maintenance and smart software updates, to analyzing rich data, like images, to improve patient outcomes.

Retail Use Case

Leverage Machine Learning to Better Understand What Customers Want

In retail, product designers rely on experience and intuition, merchants use instinct to pick new items, and sourcing teams leverage their experience and relationships to identify new suppliers.

But what if these instincts could be shaped by reason and analysis?

At LiveWorx 2017, Kalypso's use case showed how to use ThingWorx Analytics to turn social content into data, and combine it with information about web and store traffic, sales and returns to see patterns and immediately act on them.

Kalypso can help you use machine learning to blend what you hear with what you know to make truly informed decisions. Analyze PLM product data, transactional data from sales and returns, and external data from additional sources like social media, fashion blogs and other websites, in order to identify opportunities to better meet customer needs and wants.

Machine Learning and PLM

Apply Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to Windchill PLM Data to Improve Product Development Results

Most companies with PLM have been working with mature production environments for years, and they collect large quantities of diverse, structured data as they develop products.

PLM alone can’t provide true insight from this data.

Kalypso has developed a suite of extensions to Windchill and FlexPLM using ThingWorx Analytics to provide advanced analytics capabilities in a PLM environment.

At LiveWorx 2017, Kalypso showed how companies are using machine learning with PLM data to predict an outcome and improve product development results by understanding the causes behind non-compliances, problem reports, product failures and quality issues.

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Did you miss us at LiveWorx 2017? Just want to see it again? We'd love to show you what we built.

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