Accelerate PLM results and ROI

Kalypso Accel™ provides companies of all sizes – from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses – with industry-specific product lifecycle management (PLM) accelerators that save time, minimize risk and reduce the cost of implementation.

Accel combines Kalypso's extensive industry and implementation experience in an accelerated delivery model designed to rapidly deploy foundational PLM capabilities and quickly establish the core to power digital innovation.

Accel Benefits

  • Reduced implementation cost and risk
  • Faster time to deploy with a production-ready software system, pre-defined security model, and reusable attributes and workflows
  • Minimized configuration effort
  • Improved user adoption via out-of-the-box capabilities and prepared training materials
  • Faster realization of business objectives, benefits and ROI

Accel Delivery Model

Designed to quickly deploy foundational PLM capabilities and to scale through agile methods
Pre-configured for rapid implementation with a production-ready, validated software system with role-based applications
Based on industry-leading practices with business process flows, object models and workflows built over years of implementations
Built on the leading PLM platforms for both on-premises and cloud solutions

Industry-Specific Solutions

Life Sciences

Accel solutions for:

  • Medical Device
    • PLM & QMS
    • Regulatory Information Management (RIM)
    • Audit Management
    • Electronic Records Management (ERM)
  • Life Sciences
Industrial and High Tech

Accel solutions for:

  • High Tech
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Contract Fulfilment
  • Semiconductor
Retail and Consumer

Accel solutions for:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Retail, Footwear & Apparel
  • Retail Hard Goods