Evolve for Retail

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Are you getting the most value from your FlexPLM?

When implemented strategically, PTC's FlexPLM product lifecycle management (PLM) solution can help retailers drive transformative business results, but many companies struggle with realizing the full value and power of the platform.

Why Evolve?

Your business needs frequently change. And new releases of FlexPLM, such as the latest release 11.0, provide next generation capabilities. Your company is an ideal candidate for evolving your FlexPLM platform if one or more of the below statements is true:

  • “Our business problem is narrowly defined”
  • “We implemented on a tactical basis, focusing on a single department/function”
  • “We’re not fully leveraging the power of the FlexPLM platform”
  • “We’re struggling with the case for upgrading”
  • “We’re questioning the return on additional investment in PLM”
  • “Our business executives are skeptical and wary of the value of PLM”

For more information on how to increase the value of PLM and return on investment while reducing total cost of ownership, download the overview.