Improve documentation delivery performance and order-to-cash time

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If your company develops highly engineered products, you likely have a complex order or contract fulfillment process.

And, if your company is like many others in this space, you may still rely on manual processes with information stored in disparate locations, leaving room for improvement - and money on the table - in your documentation delivery performance.

Accel for Contract Fulfillment, built on PTC's Windchill and ThingWorx platforms, streamlines the time, effort and resources to support the order or contract fulfillment process, serving as a single point of entry for participating business functions. This role-based, user experience model provides an integrated platform around a fully automated workflow that connects documentation requirements to the product lifecycle.

Designed to quickly deploy, Accel for Contract Fulfllment can help you immediately reduce:

  • Order-to-cash cycle times up to 40%
  • Transmittal and governance hours by 50%
  • Order planning hours by 75%

Download the overview or contact Rod Walters or Sajesh Murali for more information.