Viewpoints By Vipin Goyal

Article: Leading Practices that Accelerate PLM Benefits & ROI in Hard Goods

For hard goods manufacturers with complex and varied product development processes, PLM technology has the potential to provide strong business value. These leading practices will answer your most common questions and help accelerate time to value with PLM.

Article: The PLM Dilemma of Multi-Category Retailers: One or Multiple Systems?

Multi-category retailers design and develop a huge array of product types, often with vastly different development processes. With so many possible variations, should multi-category retailers align all product development teams onto one PLM platform, or use multiple systems?

Article: Transforming Product Development in Hard Goods: PLM Drives Innovation and Product Development Transformation

How can hard goods manufacturers or retailers build on the PLM use cases from other industries, and what unique value can a PLM transformation offer to them?

Download: PLM: Retail Innovation Enabler

Apparel designers often presume that the introduction of a product lifecycle management (PLM) system will constrain the creative process. But the truth is, today's PLM systems are enabling more, not less, innovation. Here's how.

Download: Success Story - Home Depot PLM Transformation in Hardlines

One of the largest US retailers needed a solution to help them ensure that their private label products met quality and performance requirements, while streamlining their end to end business processes. Here's their story of transformation with the help of PLM.