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Viewpoints By Pamela Soin

Article: To Succeed in a Digital World, Transform Traditional Organizational Change Management

In today’s new reality, digital transformation is accelerating in support of remote working and building a more resilient future. YOUR biggest challenge? Managing through all this rapid change.

Article: How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation: Designate a Sponsor

Assigning an influential project sponsor will ensure breakthrough innovations are protected inside the organization.

Article: How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation: Three Reasons to Involve the Business Early

Breakthrough innovations are, by nature, new and foreign to a business, but organizations have been trained to attack and eliminate disturbances that could interrupt the day-to-day operations that keep them alive. Here are three reasons why they need to co-exist. 

Article: Q&A: What Types of Innovation Projects Should Be Included In Your Portfolio?

What types of projects should be included in your innovation portfolio? How should they be categorized? Our portfolio management team addresses these critical questions.

Article: How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation: Define an Innovation Strategy

If an organization does not have a defined innovation strategy, it will be extremely difficult to know which potential breakthrough innovations to protect.