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Viewpoints By Jordan Reynolds

Article: Case Study: Predictive Analytics and Improved Product Decisions with Machine Learning

With the right strategy, industrial manufacturers can capitalize on the opportunity to generate business insights from data, capturing sustainable economic value. Here’s an example of a use case.

Article: Building your Business Case for the Industrial Internet of Things

You're wondering how to even get started with the Industrial Internet of Things, but there's a troubling lack of testimonials, leading practices, or general consensus on where and how to approach these opportunities. Here's a structured three-part approach to evaluating your IIoT investments.

Video: How to Create a Compelling Case for Change: There's a right way and a wrong way to ask for money

Let’s be honest, there are effective ways to gain support for change initiatives and there are less than effective ways. Sometimes the greatest challenge to your initiative getting funded is a lack of understanding of what actually creates a compelling case for the change you want. Let’s observe a few good examples and a few that are… less than stellar. 

Download: Modern Mass Customization: Five Rules to Live By

Many companies ambitiously venture into mass customization implementations only to find that their enterprise technology is configured precisely to a mass production model. For manufacturers who choose to champion the virtue of consumer choice, here are five rules to live by.