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Viewpoints By Jordan Reynolds

Article: How Non-Tech Companies Can Leverage AI

We talked to Jordan Reynolds, Global Director of Data Science, about how traditionally non-"tech" companies can leverage AI to solve business problems.

Article: The Future of Oil & Gas: Smart Connected Operations and Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is not new in the oil and gas exploration and production ecosystem. But as the need increases and technology improves, we’ve reached a tipping point that underscores the urgent imperative to improve oil and gas operations with advanced analytics.

Article: Apply Machine Learning to PLM with Product Lifecycle Intelligence: A Medical Device Use Case

How can medical device manufacturers leverage insights from PLM data to remain competitive? Here's the story of one manufacturer and how they drove measurable business results with machine learning.

Article: Smart Connected Field Operations: An Oil & Gas Case Study

As the global demand for oil rises, the US shale industry can leverage smart connected operations – enabled by digital technologies – to deliver operational excellence in field operations. Here's an example.

Video: KNOW: The Future of Product Data Analytics

In the second video of our KNOW series, we explore the application of advanced analytics to product development data.

Article: Product Lifecycle Intelligence: Turn PLM Data into Insights with Machine Learning

Discrete manufacturers and R&D professionals have long viewed product lifecycle management (PLM) as a means to enhance manufacturing and design process management, data integrity and digital mockup. While these capabilities serve as a baseline to address operational challenges, current out-of-the-box solutions lack the maturity to maximize the value of product data and quickly tie it to business decisions.

Article: Practical IoT: Advanced Analytics for Medical Imaging

In cancer treatment, time matters. With advanced IoT technologies and deep learning techniques, doctors could diagnose cancer faster and more accurately so patients can begin treatment sooner. 

Article: Solution Architecture Strategies for IoT in Medical Devices

Implementing an IoT solution can be a challenging initiative. Implementing an IoT solution within an industry bound by numerous rules, regulations, and restrictions can make it feel impossible.

Article: New Frontiers for Medical Device PLM Systems: Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

Medical devices are essential to our modern society. But the companies who make them face strict regulatory, quality and safety standards. To succeed, they must constantly innovate, drive down costs and navigate complex regulatory pathways.

Video: KNOW: The Future of Farming

In the first installment of our new essay series, KNOW, we explore of the future of farming in a digital world.