Use insights about the future to build a more resilient operating model

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Through our scenario planning process, we help our clients build the capacity to navigate and transform in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times.

A Safe Space to Build Strategic Alignment

In the current crisis, many leaders have addressed the urgent need to stabilize operations by focusing on activities that help them respond and recover. Now, there's an opportunity to take a longer-term view and renew organizations for the future. By surfacing blind spots and challenging assumptions for ‘business-as-usual’ and the ‘new normal’, organizations can increase their resilience.

While we can’t predict the future, the discipline of strategic foresight helps us explore the sources of uncertainty and better understand the forces shaping the world around us. By envisioning and aligning on the preferred future of the organization, leaders can channel the talent and energy of their people towards a shared vision for transformation.

Foresight Addresses Strategic Business Needs

Enhances corporate strategy by investigating sources of uncertainty and creating a set of strategic options that are responsive to shifts in the external market

Reduces risk in longer-range and breakthrough innovation by zeroing in on which products, services and experiences to develop tied to emerging consumer needs

Optimizes decisions on new product development portfolios by prioritizing the right projects and balancing investments across future scenarios

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How We Help Companies Build a Strategic Foresight Approach

Our Unique Approach Helps our Clients:

  • Leverage a set of frameworks and tools to make sense of the changing environment
  • Improve alignment across every layer in the organization to create the conditions for change
  • Create a strategic roadmap based on new shared assumptions to continuously assess and challenge
  • Chart the organization’s path towards the preferred future
Foresight Three Phases

Scenario Planning in Three Phases

We’ve seen that by employing a strategic foresight program, organizations can socialize the need for change and work cross-functionally to drive transformation across the digital value chain.


  • Surface an analyze signals of emergent change across the macro-environment (society, tech, economy, environment, politics)
  • Develop a clear focus questions
  • Establish the organization's official future


  • Forecast trends into the future and develop scenarios
  • Identify high-level strategic implications and external indicators for each scenario


  • Assess the impact of each scenario on the organization's operating model
  • Design a set of strategic options for the response
  • Prioritize opportunity areas and ideate new product concepts

Additional Offerings

In addition to full-scale programs, leading companies often leverage strategic foresight tools to augment their current transformation programs and design their response to a changing environment.

Icon Futures Diagnostic

Futures Diagnostic

Surface the major assumptions about the future that leaders are using to make decisions and create a focus question to guide futures research activities

Icon Visioning Workhop

Visioning Workshop

Envision the preferred future for the organization, determine the capabilities needed, and define the measures of success

Icon Ideation Workshop

Ideation Workshop

Prioritize opportunity areas, ideate new products, services and experiences and provide external landmarks for ongoing portfolio management

The Kalypso Difference

Proven Scenario Planning Methodology

Kalypso leverages a blend of strategic foresight tools and systems thinking to capture the complexity of changes in the external environment and adjust understanding as new information becomes available.

End-to-End Value Chain Expertise

As a Rockwell Automation business, Kalypso is uniquely positioned to support leaders in applying scenario planning across the complete product creation process (from discovery through to sale).

Deep Industry Experience

We have served hundreds of clients in all areas of digital innovation. We are industry practitioners with a first-hand knowledge of your products, data, process and organization.

Thought Leaders

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