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Use insights about the future to make informed investments and gain advantage in the market

We work with organizations to develop proprietary points of view about the future to drive innovation.

Developing a proprietary point of view about the future means identifying unique innovation platforms, envisioning markets that do not yet exist, building organizational buy-in, maintaining funding throughout development and hitting the market at the right time.

It is impossible to predict the future but a strategic foresight process provides an ongoing way to fill and manage the innovation pipeline so that companies can act in uncertainty and gain outsized growth from safely taking greater risks.

How We Help Clients Use Future Insights

We work with clients to build a unique perspective of the future with proprietary and actionable foresight, enabling market entry at the right time with differentiated products and services. Our three-phase approach connects foresight to the innovation engine - from business and innovation strategy to ideation through commercialization - driving alignment, decision making and action.

The discover phase is comprised of three major activities – developing a clear focus question, establishing the organization’s official future and compiling weak signals of emerging trends into an environmental scan. We then combine trends into future scenarios in the anticipate phase and identify high-level values and strategic implications for each. In the plan phase, we conduct design thinking workshops to understand the needs of consumers and customers in these futures and generate ideas for new products, services and business model platforms to meet those needs.

Strategic Foresight Offerings

  • Scenario Planning
  • Market Milestones Portfolio Management
  • Foresight Diagnostic
  • Foresight Invent Sessions
  • Innovation Storytelling
  • Design Thinking and Ideation