Kalypso + Oracle Product Hub Cloud

Build a Digital Product Master with Kalypso and Oracle Product Hub (PH) Cloud

Evolving Market Demands and Product Creation Technology Drive the Need for a Digital Product Master

Businesses today are increasingly challenged by product data growth and complexity. The progressive use of digital authoring tools along with channel demands for comprehensive product information including attribution, rich content and digital assets are leading to proliferation of data silos. The scattered and inconsistent data impedes a business’s ability to meet market pressures for launching more diversified products into more channels faster.

Initiatives for business growth via mergers and acquisitions, and operations optimization through system modernization further complicate the state of current enterprise product data. In these situations, companies often operate in a multi-product development and enterprise resource planning system environments increasing their risks of data inaccuracies and late product releases.

The most common challenges that companies experience as a result of disparate and ungoverned digital product data include:

  • New product launch delays
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Missed market opportunities
  • Inferior omnichannel capabilities
  • Regulatory approval delays and increased compliance risk
  • Production ramp-up delays
  • Inaccurate planning and forecasting
  • Inferior revenue and profitability reporting capabilities

The Solution

To provide a 360-degree view of a product expected in today’s digital age, while maintaining data integrity, businesses need to evolve their product master data management practices.

Build your digital product master with Oracle PH Cloud to optimize the way your organization aggregates, manages, and shares product data.


Use Cases

Kalypso and Oracle with PH Cloud can help you overcome challenges in common commercialization and system transformation scenarios.

The progressive use of digital authoring tools along with channel demands for comprehensive product information including attribution, rich content and digital assets are leading to proliferation of data silos. It takes companies a lot of time and effort to collect all necessary information for product launch. Often, commercialization product data enrichment happens in an ungoverned way leading to data inaccuracies and late product releases. Oracle PH Cloud can aggregate all of the disparate product data and enable a digital 360-degree view of a product that can easily be shared downstream helping accelerate time-to-market and time-to-volume while maintaining integrity of the data. Learn more.

The ability to connect fundamental applications like PLM and ERP seamlessly is critical for organizations to be able to commercialize products quickly and efficiently. Current PLM to ERP integration methods are cumbersome with limited visibility and control of the design to manufacturing BOM transformation impeding businesses to effectively enrich engineering BOMs for commercialization while maintaining integrity of the data. Oracle PH Cloud can enable a flexible, but controlled integration between engineering and manufacturing helping accelerate time-to-market with lower risk and cost. Learn more.

The prevalence of ecommerce business and varying product data requirements among retailers and channels pose new data management and distribution challenges for manufacturers. Organizations struggle to consistently and efficiently collect, categorize, aggregate and transmit the increasing amount of product information as many still rely on manual processes and siloed systems. This limits their ability to participate in ecommerce and increases their risks of providing incomplete, inconsistent or erroneous product information. Oracle PH Cloud can help manufacturers collect change-controlled data and enhance it with non-change controlled data in an efficient and flexible way - improving operations effectiveness and the commerce experience. Learn more.

Businesses in regulated industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and others must comply with an increasing number and frequently-changing guidelines and restrictions that vary by region. This is a cumbersome and overwhelming task impeding speed-to-market abilities while maintaining compliance. Non-compliance is not an option – it is costly, can be damaging to a brand, and harmful to consumers and patients. Companies are looking for new ways to overcome this growing challenge. Oracle PH Cloud offers a new mechanism to consistently and efficiently collect, categorize and transmit product information to regulatory bodies in different jurisdictions. Learn more.

During mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the launch of a new site or a decision to upgrade/replace an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system organizations need to migrate large volumes of data from the existing system to the new one. It is a complex and risky process. Oracle PH Cloud can facilitate the migration by serving as a central data staging platform and system of governance mitigating the risk of data loss, inaccurate data transformation, interruption of business services or the new system implementation. Learn More.

With increasing mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and co-development activity companies often need to converge the design work from multiple PLM, CAD and other product authoring systems in a central location to prepare the common product with all its respective commercial attribution and collateral for market launch. This is time consuming and risky if executed in a non-governed environment. Oracle PH Cloud can safely aggregate product data from multiple functions and across organizations facilitating co-development of products across business units, divisions and partners, and as a result increasing market opportunities. Learn more.

To deliver on today’s ecommerce and mass customization demands businesses need a new mechanism to manage part attribution and configuration. The large amount of options and attributes associated with each product, along with frequently changing business requirements, make it difficult for companies to leverage existing PLM or ERP systems to manage that data. Custom solutions have failed due to the high technical complexity and rigidity of the integrations. Oracle PH Cloud provides flexible and unlimited product attribution capabilities, which in combination with PLM and ERP satisfy the configuration needs for CPQ interactions. Learn more.

A fundamental challenge that manufacturing organizations have struggled with for decades has been the lack of insight into design decisions that may lead to downstream manufacturing issues. The rise of smart-connected manufacturing and IoT sensorization of factories provide new opportunities to collect equipment operating performance parameters and product-quality attribution that help understand how actual performance measures against established standards. Oracle PH Cloud provides the ability to capture critical product quality attributes, govern triggers for above/below range excursion events and enrich the product record with historical adverse event data that can help drive continuous design improvements. Learn more.

Get Started

Succeed in building your Digital Product Master with a low-risk, low-cost implementation of Oracle PH Cloud enabled by Kalypso expertise:

  • Industry-leading commercialization practices in consumer goods, life sciences, manufacturing
  • Deployment experience in hybrid (cloud/on-premises) and all-cloud environments
  • Broad integration competency - PLM to authoring tools, ERP, PPM, CPQ, QMS, manufacturing applications, etc.
  • Proprietary pre-built integration connectors