Build a Digital Product Master with Kalypso and Oracle Product Hub (PH) Cloud

Evolving Market Demands and Product Creation Technology Drive the Need for a Digital Product Master

Businesses today are increasingly challenged by product data growth and complexity. The progressive use of digital authoring tools along with channel demands for comprehensive product information including attribution, rich content and digital assets are leading to proliferation of data silos. The scattered and inconsistent data impedes a business’s ability to meet market pressures for launching more diversified products into more channels faster.

Initiatives for business growth via mergers and acquisitions, and operations optimization through system modernization further complicate the state of current enterprise product data. In these situations, companies often operate in a multi-product development and enterprise resource planning system environments increasing their risks of data inaccuracies and late product releases.

The most common challenges that companies experience as a result of disparate and ungoverned digital product data include:

  • New product launch delays
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Missed market opportunities
  • Inferior omnichannel capabilities
  • Regulatory approval delays and increased compliance risk
  • Production ramp-up delays
  • Inaccurate planning and forecasting
  • Inferior revenue and profitability reporting capabilities

The Solution

To provide a 360-degree view of a product expected in today’s digital age, while maintaining data integrity, businesses need to evolve their product master data management practices.

Build your digital product master with Oracle PH Cloud to optimize the way your organization aggregates, manages, and shares product data.


Use Cases

Kalypso and Oracle with PH Cloud can help you overcome challenges in common commercialization and system transformation scenarios.

Get Started

Succeed in building your Digital Product Master with a low-risk, low-cost implementation of Oracle PH Cloud enabled by Kalypso expertise:

  • Industry-leading commercialization practices in consumer goods, life sciences, manufacturing
  • Deployment experience in hybrid (cloud/on-premises) and all-cloud environments
  • Broad integration competency - PLM to authoring tools, ERP, PPM, CPQ, QMS, manufacturing applications, etc.
  • Proprietary pre-built integration connectors

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