Miguel Rosado

Senior Developer

Miguel is both an organized student, and big data and text analytics master.

Miguel Rosado, Senior Developer | Kalypso

Since he is a student, prior to Kalypso Miguel has not had a lot of professional work. He has worked as a clerk at a video game store, and as a quality checklist reviewer for a phone company.

Miguel has a Master's degree in big data and text analytics. While at university, Miguel completed some large-scale projects related to these subjects, solidifying his expertise.

Current Projects

Miguel will be working as a data intern, on Kalypso's Hain project. He will be processing and migrating data for the firm.

Outside of Kalypso

Miguel has a passion for video games. He enjoys cooperative games, where team work is essential. He also loves story and role-playing games. When he's not playing games, Miguel loves to read.

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