Hector Cano

Technical Senior Consultant

Héctor Cano is a PTC Developer at Kalypso, bringing half a decade of experience as a Business Analyst. He is predominantly a Java and front-end developer.

Hector Cano, Technical Senior Consultant | Kalypso

Héctor graduated from UDEM (Universidad de Monterrey) as a Computer Technologies Engineer in Monterrey, Nuevo León, his home city. During his studies, Héctor had the privilege of studying abroad at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, where he had the chance to travel a lot, learn in a multi-cultural environment, but most importantly, he got to meet, study, and work with a lot of very interesting people from all over the world. He also was able to work on several projects, managing requirements and delivering software products to clients in varying industries.

Prior to joining Kalypso, Héctor worked in several roles. He worked in an internal process innovation department, where his responsibilities included finding areas for improvement opportunity within processes executed inside the company, and formulating quick and cost-efficient solutions that made work more fluid. The solutions ranged from simple Excel Macros, to full Mobile Applications with Web Client sides.

Héctor has also some years experience as a Web Front-End developer, working with frameworks like Angular, BaaS like Firebase of Parse.com, and also with the IBM Web Content Manager, a high-performance Web Content Management system.

Héctor has worked in projects on-premises for companies like Yum! (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) in the state of Kentucky, WPS Health Solutions in Madison, Wisconsin, and remotely for companies like PepsiCo, A&W, and CEMEX as a Front End Developer or as a Business Analyst.

Current Projects

Currently, Héctor is learning as much as he can from everyone at Kalypso, from things as technical as learning to use Windchill, to things as non-technical as absorbing the company's culture and internal processes.

Outside of Kalypso

Outside the office, Héctor enjoys watching TV series and reading. He also enjoys having time to go out with his wife and friends. He is always up for outdoor activities, especially when a fired-up grill and good company are involved. He also likes to organize trips and traveling.

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