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Durgesh Verma

Technical Consultant

A seasoned Technical Consultant specializing in cloud and DevOps who is passionate about leveraging technology to drive innovation and solve business challenges.

Hey there! I'm Durgesh Verma, your friendly neighborhood tech enthusiast. By day, I'm diving into the world of IT and IoT, armed with a Bachelor's in IT and a PG Diploma in IoT from CDAC Bangalore. My journey kicked off at Atos, where I played a superhero role in setting up a private IoT platform. Picture this: Azure Stack, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Hbase, Redis, Postgres Clusters, and OpenShift – it's like a tech party, and I'm the DJ making sure everything syncs seamlessly. I've got a thing for connected stuff, too. Ever heard of Connected Trucks? Yeah, that was my playground. Docker-based microservices, CI/CD pipelines – I was in my element, making sure every bit was as smooth as a perfectly brewed coffee. Now, I'm hanging out with the cool folks at Kalypso in the Managed Services Practice. Thingworx HA, Windchill on Azure and AWS – you name it, I'm on it. Best practices across the cloud? Consider it done. Solution designing on Azure and AWS? Just another day at the tech office. But hey, it's not all about the 0s and 1s. When I'm not in tech superhero mode, you'll find me crafting monitoring/logging platforms with ELK, InfluxDB, and Grafana – because every hero needs a good sidekick. And guess what? I've even added Cognite Data Fusion Platform and FT Data Mosaix to my superhero utility belt. Always staying ahead of the curve, you know? Outside of the tech realm, I'm a bit of a wanderer. Whether it's exploring the latest sci-fi reads or diving into the world of culinary experiments, I'm all about that discovery life. Oh, and did I mention I've got a soft spot for quirky socks? It's the little things that keep life exciting. So, that's me – Durgesh Verma, your go-to tech guy with a side of adventure and a dash of quirkiness. Let's make tech waves and have some fun doing it!

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