Jeff Patrick

Senior Manager

Jeff is a leader at Kalypso with over 15 years of digital product development and enterprise transformation experience, with a clear focus on helping our clients realize their mission.

Jeff Patrick, Senior Manager | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, Jeff began his career as a developer and solution architect for PLM system implementations at PTC. His career progressed with consulting firms Accenture and Capgemini by leading large development, process and organizational change management teams, then finally managing the overall delivery of enterprise systems.

Overall, Jeff has 15+ years of consulting-related experience in implementing, planning, and defining the value of PLM within a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Current Projects

Jeff is part of Kalypso's PTC PLM Practice with a focus on High Tech and Industrial industries. The impact of IoT on product development and product services is an special area of Jeff's expertise and focus.

Outside of Kalypso

Jeff lives with his family in Charleston, South Carolina where sand and sun are always part of the daily regimen.

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