Embracing the Future Together

PTC USER is the independent voice for users of software produced by PTC. As the sole entity recognized by PTC as the official worldwide representative of its customers, it is uniquely positioned to support customers through a dedicated user network; educate customers through an online file library, online discussion forums in partnership with PTC Community and contributions to PTC events; and advocate on the behalf of customers through an annual meeting with PTC and Technical Communities and Working Groups.

Join Kalypso at PTC USER happening January 22-25 at the DoubleTree at Universal in Orlando, Florida.

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Why Attend?

Kalypso is looking forward to sponsoring the event focused on supporting, educating and advocating for users of PTC software. At PTC USER, you'll have a chance to learn from and network with industry leads, integration partners and those focused on the future of technology. If you are interested in PLM, CAD, FlexPLM or Smart Manufacturing, this event is for you.

Join us for the following sessions at PTC USER:

Leveraging Kalypso’s FlexPLM Accel Factory Compliance accelerator module to manage compliance risks.

In the current macro environment that Retailers face, a factory compliance incident not only impacts profitability in the form of fines and delays, but it also harms the brand image. Therefore, focusing on compliance has become more important than ever. In this session we will demonstrate how you can leverage Kalypso’s Accel Factory Compliance solution to create feedback loops to manage compliance risks and embed quality thinking into product development processes. The features demonstrated will include Audit Workflows, Audit Documentation and CAPA Management. We will also discuss how having compliance embedded in PLM can help identify and address compliance issues early and support supply chain traceability.

Empowering Product Lifecycle Management: Harnessing the Potential of Windchill PLM Using Kalypso’s Business Enablement Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of product development and lifecycle management, organizations are constantly seeing innovative solutions to enhance collaboration and decision-making. This session dives into Kalypso’s Windchill Accelerators, a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to elevate PLM processes and increase efficiency for your business.

Get to know our PTC USER team

Howard Schimmoller 2018
Fellow Kalypso

Howard is a recognized leader in product lifecycle management (PLM) implementations with a deep background in design and manufacturing of high complexity engineered systems.

Traci Stapleton (2022)
Director Kalypso

Traci has over 20 years of industry and consulting experience driving business results by optimizing organizational structure, strategy and tools, primarily within the functions of merchandising, product development, sourcing and planning.

Tim C
Senior Manager Kalypso

Tim is a results oriented professional with over two decades of helping companies embrace technology solutions in digital product development, engineering and manufacturing.

Jay Kumar Chandran 2013
Fellow Kalypso

Jay brings over three years of experience working in the design and implementation of enterprise-wide software solutions to retail, footwear and apparel clients.

Nate Reisch 2014
Technical Director Kalypso

Nate brings to Kalypso 10+ years of experience analyzing, designing, and implementing PLM systems, and is a strong leader in many different roles of projects including strategy, process improvement, architecture, development, training, and team management.