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David Comerford


David is a Sr. Consultant at Kalypso. He uses his background in design thinking and finance to help clients use innovation to build a healthier future in Kalypso’s life sciences practice.

David Comerford, Manager | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, David gained experience in finance, design thinking, television and social services. He became increasingly interested in the intersection between business, technology and societal impact and believes in the power of innovation to improve lives around the world. David has spent extended time abroad, studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester and working in Sochi, Russia during the winter Olypmics.

David studied finance at Elon University, where he developed his passion for design thinking and innovation. He spent much of his free time at school developing and delivering case strategies in competitions throughout the United States.

Current Projects

David currently supports Product Lifecycle Managent (PLM) program activities, change management initiatives and digital technology projects in Kalypso’s life sciences practice.

Outside of Kalypso

David loves spending time outdoors, most notably around the water with his family. When not skiing, playing sports or out with friends, David can be found reading, writing or geeking out over fantasy sports.

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  • B.S. Finance - Elon University

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