David Comerford

Senior Manager

David is a senior manager at Kalypso focused on helping clients develop their digital thread strategy.

David Comerford, Senior Manager | Kalypso

David has over six years of consulting experience delivering digital transformation results for clients at a global scale.

Prior to joining Kalypso, David gained experience in finance, design thinking, television and social services. He became increasingly interested in the intersection between business, technology and societal impact and believes in the power of innovation to improve lives around the world.

David has spent an extended time abroad. He studied in Copenhagen, Denmark for a semester and worked in Sochi, Russia during the Winter Olympics. He also spent multiple years across Europe and Asia delivering digital transformation projects This has allowed him to develop a truly global perspective around his work.

He currently specializes in digital strategy assessments, road mapping & business case development and has delivered ~10 digital strategy assessments spanning the consumer, RFA, life science & IHT industries. David also has experience delivering multi-year digital transformation projects from initial strategy stages through implementation.

Outside of work, David spends his weekends hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains outside of his home in Denver, Colorado.

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  • B.S. Finance - Elon University

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