Achieve operational excellence and make better decisions

We help oil and gas companies use interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics, and connected workers across product development, manufacturing, operations, supply chain and service to enable smarter, faster business decisions and achieve operational excellence.

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In the oil and gas industry, smart connected operations leverage digital technologies to drive insights ​from massive datasets, and automate or simplify many processes and tasks​ in exploration and production activities.​

With smart connected operations, oil and gas companies can:

  • Reduce emissions by monitoring leaks from ​oil tank batteries, vapor recovery units and venting operations
  • Optimize drill rig operations by calculating ​real-time well improvements and avoiding NPT
  • Predict equipment failures before they happen
  • Increased safety by reducing human intervention with "Always On" connected systems
  • Ensure the right parts, for the right people, at the right time with optimized field service

How We Help Clients Build Smart Connected Operations

Our smart connected operations approach focuses on leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and data-driven analytics to drive more throughput. We take a holistic approach to increase uptime, improve operational efficiency, reduce safety incidents, and increase employee satisfaction by putting the power of data in their hands – at the right time, on the right device, at the right place.

Three-Phased Approach to Digitizing Your Operations

We apply our oil and gas industry domain knowledge, technical analytics, machine learning capability and business results frameworks to your environment.​

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Physical to Digital

Connect a process facility ​to a robust industrial IoT platform that can bring in data securely, with low latency and in real-time​. Leverage advanced analytics to quickly deploy edge intelligence that alerts upon undesirable events and immediately recommends actions that can prevent system-wide cascading failures.

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Reactive to Predictive

Build on insights generated ​
from connected operations. Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to proactively predict and prescribe actions to prevent undesirable scenarios.

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Organize to Scale

Scale the solution across ​
the enterprise to realize true value and benefits of digital transformation. Advance multiple use cases, built using industrial IoT ​and enabled by AI.

Focus Areas of Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

Machine Health

Predictive analytics enabling improved maintenance planning and forecasting


Automating production systems to operate at optimal capacity and ​adjust for disturbances ​in outside factors

Connected Operations

Collecting data from field asset into IoT platform enables intelligent and autonomous operations ​that drive business value

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Utilizing the latest techniques in advanced analytics to provide insights from disparate data sources connected throughout​ the field

Organizational Change Management

Providing guidance in rolling out enterprise-wide digital initiatives

Knowledge Transfer

Turning knowledge resident in the mind of subject matter experts (SMEs) into explicit representations

Core Areas for Applying Digital Technologies​

Well Optimization

Drilling Operations

Work Order Scheduling

Equipment Health

Production Forecasting

Compressor Utilization

Emissions Control

Field Service Resource Optimization

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