Portfolio and Pipeline Management

Today's challenging market requires companies to increase investment scrutiny to balance shrinking development budgets. In order to succeed, firms must select winning investments and maximize return with limited resources. In this environment, it becomes increasingly important for firms to assess their ability to align business strategy with investments, by considering questions such as:

  • Does my innovation investment portfolio enable my business strategy?
  • Are my innovation investments going to deliver my organic growth goals?
  • How confident am I in the forecasted return on my innovation investments?

A lack of pipeline visibility stifles growth from innovation. Increased pipeline transparency enables better investment decisions by identifying the gaps between expected portfolio return and targets. This is compounded by the fact that innovation portfolios go beyond basic R&D, and that there is often no easy way to "close the loop" by integrating market reaction and feedback to products and services.

Portfolio & Pipeline Management encompasses a governance structure and decision making processes that align business strategy with development investments. Kalypso can help increase the value of your pipeline by applying sophisticated portfolio management concepts that account for risk and uncertainty.

The components of a comprehensive Kalypso Portfolio & Pipeline Management engagement include:

  • Early Phase Portfolio Management - to fill the pipeline with promising ideas
  • Project Portfolio Management - to ensure that strategy enables development
  • Product Portfolio Management - to link market need to the front end of innovation
  • Flexible Phase Gate - to define project requirements & empower development teams
  • Enabling Tools & Systems - to support real-time portfolio & pipeline analysis

Benefits include:

  • Visibility into the development pipeline
  • Priorities communicated from senior leadership
  • Optimal resource loading according to business importance
  • Clarified roles & responsibilities in development activity
  • Informative data to support decision making
  • Increased pipeline value & throughput
  • Extracting the most value from existing products
  • Aligning strategy with investment

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