Viewpoints By Chad Markle

Article: Energy Optimization: Three Use Cases on Accelerating Sustainability with the Digital Thread

Join us for a 15-minutes, on-demand coffee chat. Chad Markle and Mithun Nagabhairava will highlight 3 use cases where Smart Connected Operations delivers energy optimization and sustainability outcomes using the digital thread.

Article: Smart Factories: 12 Lessons Learned from the Field

Based on Kalypso’s experience helping our clients build brand new smart factories and transform traditional plants, here are 12 lessons learned for others undertaking the journey.

Article: The Future of Oil & Gas: Smart Connected Operations and Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is not new in the oil and gas exploration and production ecosystem. But as the need increases and technology improves, we’ve reached a tipping point that underscores the urgent imperative to improve oil and gas operations with advanced analytics.

Article: Is It Time to Invest in Additive Manufacturing? Three Things to Consider

In the past 30 years, 3D printing (3DP) technology has gained traction for rapid prototyping and industrial tooling. But just because something can be additively manufactured, should it? Here are some things to consider.

Article: Securing the IoMT – Nine Strategies You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Protecting devices in the field requires an innovative approach to comprehensive information security. Here are nine security strategies to help mitigate risks while building a culture that enables innovation, compliance and operational effectiveness.