Viewpoints By Will Yester

Article: Deep Dive on Digital Product Creation in Retail Research

Explore retail growth insights in Kalypso's Digital Product Creation research with London College of Fashion. Watch the videos now!

Article: DPC Research Blog 3 - Understanding Digital Product Creation Maturity

We sat down with subject matter experts to discuss digital production creations' current maturity in the market

Article: Research Summary – Digital Product Creation Maturity in RFA

3D and DPC jumped in importance for footwear and apparel brands in 2020, but how close are we to full scale adoption and real results? Our research shows five key insights.

Article: Innovating Through a Crisis: The Urgent Need for Digital Product Creation

The COVID-19 crisis provides the opportunity to accelerate toward a fundamentally different model for retail product development - digital product creation. While it's tempting to postpone such efforts in the current climate, it's more important than ever to give them a higher priority.

Article: Nine Trends Impacting Technology Strategy for Retail Product Development in a Digital World

As the technologies that support retail product development rapidly evolve, it's time to to assess and rethink legacy technology strategies. Here are nine things to consider when developing your future technology strategy.

Article: How to Get the Investment You Need for Retail Product Transformation:

True product differentiation is the most sustainable, long-term source of competitive advantage for a retailer or apparel/footwear manufacturer, yet most find it difficult to provide a persuasive business case to get new projects approved and funded. Here are 6 ways to make it easier.