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Viewpoints By Sonia Parekh

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: What’s in a Brand?

Last month, a San Francisco based startup company entered the market with a new business model that challenges the traditional consumer product brands.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Environmentally Friendly & Stylish Shoes

Rothy’s are knitted shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles using a unique 3D knitting technology which minimizes waste and knits the entire upper in six minutes.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Google Designs the Perfect Dress for You

Google has teamed up with H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel to launch a project called “Coded Couture” with the objective of producing the first ever “Data Dress.”

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Fast Retailing Opens a Denim Innovation Center

Material innovation has changed the game, turning a tried and true basic into a fashion category.

Article: How to Succeed in Retail When Consumers Hold All the Power: Four Foundational Steps to Integrate Merchandise Planning and Product Development

Merchandise planning and product development teams must work together to ensure that the right product gets to the right channel at the right time.

Article: How to Transform Into a Customer-Centric Merchandise Planning Organization

Are you working to become more customer-centric when it comes to merchandise planning? Here are six key areas to focus on.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Silicon Valley Reinvents Retail

b8ta combines a new business model with an innovative customer experience to bring us new products which we may otherwise never see in traditional retailers. 

Article: Making the Case for a Customer-Centric Transformation in Merchandise Planning: Putting customers’ desires at the forefront of merchandise planning decisions

To survive and thrive as the retail industry evolves, companies need to focus on customer-centricity in their merchandise planning. Here are the key industry trends and what they mean for retail organizations going forward.

Article: Merchandise Planning Perspectives: Apparel & Accessories

In this series, leaders in the retail industry share their thoughts on the challenges merchandise planners face today, and what we should be thinking about for tomorrow. Today’s responses submitted by a VP of Merchandise Planning with over 10 years experience in the retail industry.

Article: Your Planning Approach is Broken: Five Factors for Integrated Planning Success

The traditional approach to planning, one that is linear and functionally-driven, is broken. Here are the benefits of an Integrated Planning approach, and five factors to keep in mind to set yourself up for success.