Viewpoints By Noel Sobelman

Article: The Big Hairy Challenge with Separating Innovation from the Core Business

Growth strategy thought leaders have long extolled the benefits of separating innovation from the efficiency-oriented core business and managing a dual system. Here's the challenge companies face with this approach, and some suggestions.

Article: Innovation Portfolio Rationalization in the Face of a Downturn

Rarely has the future been more uncertain, especially as demand for products slows and supply chain challenges persist. Now is the time to act fast, make the required strategy changes, and thoughtfully rationalize and rebalance your innovation portfolio.

Article: Breakthrough Innovation: Failure is the Only Option

When developing breakthrough innovation, your goal is to quickly and cheaply experiment and learn as you look to validate or invalidate your business case hypotheses. Failure is the only option.

Article: Delivering Breakthrough Innovation – How to Put Theory Into Practice: Five Leading Practices for Collaborative Development Partner Selection and Management

Whether innovating your core products or seeking your next breakthrough, if your organization is still approaching collaborative development with an ad hoc or opportunistic approach, it is likely that you are only achieving pockets of success.

Article: Build an Innovation Engine in 90 Days – Commentary

Can companies really build an innovation engine in just 90 days? Based on years of experience in the field, here's Noel Sobelman's take (and some real world examples) on what you need to do to get started and get better.