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Viewpoints By Michael Glessner

Article: Foundation for Open Innovation, Part 3: Managing uncertainty of technology development

When managing the invention and development of a promising new technology, how do you most effectively deal with the uncertainties that exist? How does a thoughtful manager handle this? This third post in a three-part series introduces ways to address the uncertainty and risk in Open Innovation.

Article: Foundation for Open Innovation, Part 2: Where will breakthrough ideas come from?

For managers of R&D or engineering, generating breakthrough ideas is a critical initiative. I believe breakthroughs will come from both invention and innovation efforts. This second post of a three part series discusses how Open Innovation supports these breakthrough ideas.

Article: Foundation for Open Innovation, Part 1: Invention vs. Innovation

How many times have you heard from a co-worker - “I’m not a scientist or engineer; I can’t innovate.” This frame of mind frustrates many forward thinking managers and stands in the way of systematic creative work, especially in technical environments. This blog post defines invention and innovation, setting the stage for a broader Open Innovation discussion.