Viewpoints By Michael Glessner

Article: Behaviors that Fuel Innovation #2: Make Requests - The Direct Path to Commitments

How does an effective manager get project participants to make commitments? By building joint accountability for project success through formal requests.

Article: Behaviors that Fuel Innovation #1: Make Commitments - The Cornerstone of Results

Trust matters. Commitment matters. For any complex project, upfront, cross-functional planning with critical dependencies identified is key to success. Commitments are important building blocks of the plan, and seeking these commitments is critical.

Article: Four Behaviors that Fuel Innovation: Unleash Commitments, Requests and Offers to get the Innovation Results you Seek

Bad habits can negatively impact innovation. Instill these behaviors in your innovation teams to improve results and sustain them over time.

Article: The Executive’s Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Consider the NPD Beach Head Approach

When innovation growth fails to meet goals and objectives, many executives turn to mergers and acquisitions to buy the required capabilities. But after the fanfare is over, the operations executive who has to actually implement is left with an enormous challenge and no clear path to success.

Article: Kill New Product Development Projects Faster!

The most successful executives kill New Product Development (NPD) projects as early in their development cycle as possible. It might sound cold, but choosing to relentlessly evaluate the merits of NPD projects early on pays dividends in the long run.