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Viewpoints By Michael Glessner

Article: Getting Started with Smart Connected Operations

Smart connected operations allow manufacturers to leverage emerging technology to tap the well of data at their fingertips, creating insights at scale that can be used to improve operational performance and discover new business models. 

Article: How it Works: Instant Notification of Design Changes to the Shop Floor

Digital technology enables a variety of tangible, factory floor benefits, but how does the technology actually work? 

Article: How it Works: Hands Free Visualization of Shop Floor Information

Digital technology enables a variety of tangible, factory floor benefits, but how does the technology actually work? 

Article: Practical Starting Points for Industry 4.0: A Plan for the First Steps in a Successful Smart Connected Manufacturing Journey

Working to advance Industry 4.0 in your organization? Here's how to create commitment and buy-in while addressing fundamental changes to collaboration and culture.

Article: The Factory of the Future: A Day in the Life of a Plant Manager in 2020

Smart factories, enabled by augmented reality, predictive analytics, and the digital twin, may not be as futuristic as you think. Need inspiration to get started? Here's our vision of the factory of the future, and the people and processes that will be impacted.

Article: Positioning for Success with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will change the competitive landscape for manufacturers. Companies must quickly adapt to internal and external pressure to innovate with new products, so traditionally discrete business units will need to come together to meet market demands.

Article: How to Blend Market-Facing and Customer-Facing Innovation for Long-Term Results

If a company wants to stay truly innovative and drive business returns over the long term, their innovation pipeline should contain projects that address unmet needs and market gaps. Here's how to balance your innovation portfolio.

Article: The Manufacturing Executive’s Primer on Digital Innovation

The demand for smart products drives the need for smart manufacturing, including new ways to link consumers directly to manufacturing methods. Here's what manufacturing executives need to know to address the digital innovation challenge.

Article: A Look Ahead: An Interview from the Future on the Birth of Digital Manufacturing

To understand what digital manufacturing really means for industrial manufacturers, and how it might evolve from where we are today, here’s our peek into the future. All people, company and product names (except ours) are fictitious. 

Article: Behaviors that Fuel Innovation #4: Make Offers to Take the Game to a Whole New Level

When it comes to executing complex projects, clarity of communication yields results. Direct conversation provides an ideal climate that removes ambiguity and fosters real innovation in a project setting.