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Viewpoints By Daniela Ilieva

Article: In Today’s Digital Era, Do We Still Need PLM?

Digital has disrupted innovation, fundamentally changing how companies discover, create, make and sell the products they bring to market. In this new reality, do we still need PLM? If so, what role will it play?

Article: PLM Re-Birth at McDonald’s: How to Maximize Value in a Decentralized Organization

To maximize the value PLM, McDonald's moved their decentralized organization to a common platform, establishing PLM as their enterprise risk management tool. The re-birth of PLM at McDonald’s helps them protect the brand, increase nutrition transparency, and provide evidence in the wake of food scandals or consumer events. 

Video: PLM @ McDonald’s: The Cost of Not Implementing PLM: A compelling statement of change is critical to driving organizational change

Getting your organization on board is typically the hardest part of any major enterprise transformation. Selling the case for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to executives and acquiring funding is only the beginning – it’s also important to sell stakeholders on a compelling reason for change. 

Video: PLM @ McDonald’s: An Essential Risk Management Tool: The shift from a quality management tool to a risk management solution

Driving cycle time improvements, productivity benefits, and material cost savings are often within the top reasons companies implement PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). The vision at McDonald’s is that PLM acts as their Enterprise Business Risk Management tool - enabling them to manage brand identity.

Video: PLM @ McDonald’s: What Drives PLM Success?: Successful implementations require commitment to ongoing investment

McDonald’s began its product lifecycle management (PLM) journey in 2005. Although their initial implementation was considered a success, an assessment a few years later uncovered that they weren’t getting the business benefits they expected. Jerome Lyman, VP Global Quality Systems at McDonald’s Corporation, explains what helped them achieve PLM success the second time around.